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  • Doing Romance Just Right

    Romance is so subjective! It really does mean different things to different people. While some may find candlelit dinners and soft music to be the epitome of romance, others may hurl at the first note of a love song. Then there is the difference between men and women when it comes to romance. You know how it goes; you swoon over the mere thought of being taken out for a romantic dinner or a stroll on the beach, while he thinks a romantic night is staying in bed with a bucket of chicken and a movie! It’s no wonder that there are women constantly complaining that they wish their men would be more romantic when not everyone thinks of romance the same way!


    If you really want to throw your partner a bone and plan a romantic day or night or even weekend for them, then the best advice I can offer is to REALLY consider them and their tastes when trying to make a plan. For the most part it’s a no-brainer because if you’re resorting to finally planning some romance, then chances are that you’ve been told a hundred times what she or he wishes you would do. And if you haven’t been told outright, you’ve surely had some hints dropped at you along with a few evil glares. Let me give an example as to what I mean about catering your plan to their tastes. If you’re partner is the type that thinks that poetry and roses are cheesy, then you’re going to want to stay away from doing anything too textbook romantic. A candlelit dinner and a serenade will not fly here. Think of what they like; concerts, movies, and road trips…whatever. Plan a day doing something that you know they love without asking them to be involved in the planning. Take charge, cover all of your bases from where to go to what to bring, etc and surprise them with it. Another suggestion; even if your partner is a party-person; limit your special day to just the two of you. A day spent driving out in the country or going to the beach may not be typical romance, but it’ll quickly become unromantic if you do it with an entourage of friends in tow.


    If over-the-top romance is what your partner craves, then as much as it pains you to endure a romantic dinner in a frou-frou restaurant followed by an evening of holding hands by the fire; do it anyway because it’s about them more than you at this point. Got that?? It’s for them, NOT YOU. The point is that you want to do something special for that person to show them how much you care, so this is really not the time to be selfish. One evening of cheesiness never killed anyone. Besides, enduring one nauseatingly romantic evening is a small price to pay for someone’s love and devotion. Plus, they’ll be so tickled by your romantic gesture that they’re bound to find a way or two to show you their appreciation. *wink*