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  • Wedding Albums
    A collection of websites of weddings! Doesn't matter how long you've been married (or if you're approaching marriage). So long as you have a personal website with details, pictures, or other info about your wedding, you're welcome. (Personal sites only, please.)

  • Orthodox Jewish Singles
    A list of blogs written by Orthodox Jewish Singles. By having us all connected we can help facilitate making shidduchim (matches) and easing the singles crisis. Even if a blog writer is not the right match for you please suggest him or her to a friend. With a little effort you can bcommunity a lifetime of happiness to others. Please do your part. Hatzlocha!

  • Russian Marriage
    For men of all countries who want to meet and marry a Russian Woman.

  • 100% free Jewish online dating site
    SuperTova.com is developed only as a free Jewish dating site. The objective of the site is to give back to the Jewish community, thereby, making it easier to promote Jewish dating and Jewish marriage.

  • Marriage on the Mind – Is it beneficial or catastrophic for your dating life?


    I know that the majority of us go out on dates in hopes of meeting the right person for marriage. That’s what dating is—an opportunity to try different people on for size in hopes that we’ll find the one that fits just right. The thing is, do you date strictly with marriage on the mind? By this I mean someone who goes out with someone and is picking china patterns in their mind before the appetizers even make it to the table! Don’t laugh! You don’t know the mind of some men and women who are in their 30’s and unmarried! They can be downright pushy when it comes to their quest to find someone for marriage…anyone sometimes!


    Wanting to meet someone to love and cherish in sickness and in health and all that stuff is fine and natural, but when you’re so focused on marriage that you begin to rush every potential relationship to the altar, then you’re asking for trouble. Not only do you risk pushing—more like scaring—your dates away, but what happens if your mad dash does get you to the altar in record time? You could very possibly be ending up with the wrong person and it won’t be long before even that shiny gold band on your left finger isn’t enough to tolerate him or her for! Your goal when dating should always be to ultimately find the RIGHT one, not just anyone who’s willing. Actually, scratch that! You should try to not even think about it in terms of marriage until you’ve at least made it past the first couple of dates. I’m not saying that you should give up on the idea of marriage or anything and you mostly definitely shouldn’t lower your standards in anyway, but just lighten up! Having an idea of what you want in a partner is good thing, but having marriage on the mind and losing sight of everything else will backfire!


    If you’re going out on dates as a part of a desperate search for marriage; your dates will smell your desperation pretty quickly. Even if you think that you’re playing it cool, most people can spot a player. And I gotta say; men more than anything will notice the first sign of a woman who is too focused on marriage and rushing the relationship. As a matter of fact, guys seem to have a knack for sensing that within the first 3 minutes of a date! The result; their super-sensitive fight or flight reaction kicks in and they almost always will opt to go with flight!! No one wants to date someone who has an ulterior motive and while wanting marriage isn’t exactly criminal behavior or anything; being out for that alone isn’t something that anyone wants to be a part of if you’re basically willing to settle for anyone. Who wants to be settled for? Would you?


    The point of all of this, incase you haven’t already gotten it, is to enjoy dating and enjoy meeting new people and hold out for the one who makes your knees weak and your heart jump. Lighten up, keep an open mind and don’t try to force anything. You’ll find him or her when it’s time.