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  • Flirting 101


    Oh how I love flirting! I can think of few things more enjoyable than flirting or being flirted with. It’s even better when you’re able to engage in flirting with someone who matches your skill level as far as the art goes. (Yes, I consider flirting to be an art.) A lot of people let shyness get in the way of flirting even when they are being flirted with. Much of the time it has a lot to do with being afraid to flirt because you think you don’t know how, but, everyone knows how to flirt; most people let insecurity stop them. The key is to owning it!


    Being a total flirt-meister has nothing to do with what you say, so you can’t blame a loss of words for not enjoying my favorite pastime. It’s all about how you say it. Like everything else, people will perceive you the way you perceive yourself. This is best summed up in a quote by Sophia Loren who explained that sex appeal is “50 percent what you’ve got and 50 percent what people think you’ve got”. Sheer genius! If someone is flirting with you and they happen to be someone that you’re even remotely attracted to; just let the words come out of your mouth. As long as your words are accompanied by a confident smile or playful gaze; you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to flirt back! It’s even easier when the other person is taking the lead because that leaves oyu with nothing more than to reply—keeping in mind the smiling and all. Flirting is a way of playing for adults, so by keeping it playful, you’ll find yourself flirting like a pro! Think positive, happy and even sexy when it comes to flirting. If you don’t feel positive or happy or sexy, then you need to pretend to! That’s the vibe that you want to out other there when you’re flirting and I can guarantee that after a few minutes of keeping it up, you’ll actually start to feel it.


    Body language plays a big role in flirting as well. You know that having your arms crossed and leaning away from someone during a conversation makes you appear standoffish; well the same goes for flirting. You can say just about anything to someone of the opposite sex, but as long as you say it while leaning in, smiling, maybe even reaching over and putting your hand on theirs while you speak will take it from just words to flirting. And if you’re really that worried about what to say; then try compliments. No need for anything over the top or scripted. Just a simple ‘you look great’ or ‘it’s been a real pleasure talking to you’ can come across as flirting if you say it with a smile and the right tone. If you’re that lost, just match their tone. By mimicking their flirtatious tone when replying, you will actually find that you are flirting back. So easy, yet so much fun!