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  • Forever Yours Faithfully for the Romantic at Heart
    My Community contains everything you need for the Romantic at Heart. Surf through the many pages and even get married online. Links to many different Romantic pages from poetry, online marriage, backgrounds, cards, and even a contest between my community members for the best community member page. Lots of poetry and midi's with lyrics. The pages in my community must be able to be viewed by the general public and also contains sites from other True Romantics. {;}

  • Survivor of Abuse
    Survivor of Abuse is for sites dealing with any type of abuse. It can be your personal story, support group, mailing list, or any helpful resources. {;}

  • Best Wedding Pages Community
    A website for members of the Best Wedding Pages contests. No vendors please.

  • Celtic Lovers
    For everyone who loves Celtic things and displays that on your page...

  • The Dress Contest Community
    This community is ONLY open to past and present Dress Contest contestants -- and also for Dress of the Month Contest and "With Honors Circle" dresses

  • Medieval and Renaissance Brides
    welcome and Huzzah! This community is for brides who are having (or did have) a Medieval, Fantasy, Castle, or Renaissance themed wedding. If you are a service provider and think that a bride with these themes would find your service usful, you may join also.

  • The Engagement Community
    A community for personal wedding pages dedicated to weddings or engagements. No vendor sites please!

  • Romantics Network Dating Community
    The best dating sites on the Net! Dating, matchmaking, personals, singles sites, dating agencies, mail order brides, introduction services, internet personals, singles directories, romance personals, and free personals sites are welcome to join this community. No adult personals sites please.

  • The Georgia Wedding Community
    A collection of the best wedding planning web sites in the state of Georgia. Find all the vendors, service providers, advice and community a Georgia bride needs, right here.

  • Cinderella Romance Community
    A community for all those who are involved in an Internet Romance, Long Distance Romance, or any other romance considered to be an "impossible" romance. Also those who have survived a romance of this type and are now married to, engaged to, or living with their partner.

  • The Sweethearts of the Community
    This is a community for couples that have met on the internet and are now together in a relationship.

  • Forever Love
    This community is for people who believe in an everlasting love. Are you someone that's love has standed the test of time & made it? Are you someone that believes love can conquer all? If so please join us.

  • Today's Weddings Wedcommunity
    Planning information for the busy bride of today! Join our Wedcommunity and be connected to many different wedding sites! Personal wedding website and vendor sites always welcome!

  • SinglesStop.com
    Community by SinglesStop.com network. Providing random surfing of singles related sites.

  • BBW Life
    Information center for big beautiful women and their admirers. Includes resources, message boards, and member profiles. Promotes size acceptance and friendships.{;}Information center for big, beautiful women and their admirers includes resources, message boards, and member profiles. Promotes size acceptance and friendships.

  • Small Weddings Community
    If your wedding had less than 25 in attendance, or you eloped for a "destination wedding" then this community is for you.

  • Ain't Life Grand?
    All pages in this community are family oriented ... Lots of different catagories ... everything from alphabets to zoos.

  • The Love Circle
    Do you love some one or some thing so much that you made a site for them? If so, then this is the community for you!! Come on and check out this community and JOIN!

  • Romance 101 Community
    Calling All Romantics...Class is in session. Our aim is to collect together some of the net's most romantic sites dedicated to the enhancement of everyday love.

  • The Kelly Community
    Celebrate Kelly-ness! This community is open to sites by or about people named Kelly (or any variant spelling). Doesn't matter if it's your first or last name.

  • The Page of Peace Community
    Why can't we all get along? We need peace! Join the The Page of Peace and share love!

  • I love ___
    A community for those in love.

  • Sectes = Danger
    community francophone de prevention par l'information sur les groupes sectaires

  • On The Market 35+
    This community is for video bloggers over the age of 35 who are single, and want to meet other singles.

  • Heartsick.
    A community for all the ones that are heartsick and so dramatic.

  • Worldwide-Relationships
    Offecommunity resources for penpals, dating, romance, marriage, advice, common interest groups and other relationships.

  • Internet Romance
    A community for all those who are in search of an Internet Romance, Long Distance Romance, or any other romance.

  • BBW Angels Community Surf
    BBW Angels is a muliti-cultured organizations that promotes healthy and happy relationships between bbw's, bhm's and their admirers.

  • Crime and Justice Issues
    Domestic violence is such a major factor in todays society. Let us all ban together and help save a life.

  • Couple Swing
    A community dedicated to couples interested in or participating in the swinging lifestyle, and a place for couples to share their experiences, perspectives,and thoughts with others in{;}the lifestyle. We are dedicated to couples, and want to encourage other couples to get to know us all. We want to our site to remain commercial free. So please do not submit commercial sites.

  • Las Vegas Weddings
    For those couples who eloped to Las Vegas, this community is for you!

  • Boys Lie
    If you've ever met that guy you swear is Mr.Right and then you find out he's nothing, but a backstabbing liar. If he broke your heart and you lived to tell about it then I want you!

  • + libra dolls +
    A community for females who fall under the star sign of Libra!

  • Free Heels and Hose
    The best resource for Heels and Hose on the Web.

  • oh yeah...I love you!
    This community is for anybody that has ever had a crush on somebody but kept it a secret, never had the nerve to tell them or wished that person would just look into their eyes and realize the love that was there waiting for them.

  • Ever After
    a community for people who have met a loved one online and have united or still waiting to unite and live ever after

  • Beautiful Beginnings Interracial Dating
    This site supports Interracial Dating because love has no color

  • MatchmakingCommunity
    People interested in Matchmaking, Dating,personals, online personal ads, singles, cybersingles, webpersonals, matchmaker, matchmaking, classifieds, singles sites, dating advice, meeting people, relationships, photo personals, romance, dating services, dating sites, dating, web friends, photo ads, meet people, adult personal ads, single adults, mingles, meeting people

  • The One and Only in Your Life
    Is she or he the One and Only for you no matter how many miles you both are seperated from one another? - The One - A community for those who are in a long distance relationship, for those who are dating someone from another country who is still living in that country, and for those who have been in a long distance relationship and are now happily united.{;}

  • Canada Singles Network
    Free Canadian dating, matchmaking, personals & singles sites and groups. All sites are free or free to join and provide real Canadian content & profiles. Please No Affiliate & Refferal Links!

  • Dating Online: Finding Love on the WEB



    Dating has never been easier for those of us on the mad hunt for THE one who we will love and cherish…in sickness and in health…tell death do us part…blah, blah, blah.  Gone are the days of having to hit the bars and local meet markets searching for dates thanks to all of the great ways to meet someone online.


    You likely already know a bit about online dating sites and whether you’ve tried them or not, you’ve probably seen the commercials on late at night telling you how you can find dates online or by calling their service. The way it works is pretty straightforward; create a profile then troll the listings for other profiles that look appealing and then initiate contact and also expect to be contacted by others who find your profile interesting as well. Simple right?


    Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your online dating experience.


    Buy A Membership: Yes, women can join for free, but in order to be able to send messages, you usually need to have credits. They give you the option often times to send a little ‘wink’ or pre-written blurb to someone, but to send an actual message or use their chat/IM features, there is often a charge. It’s worth the money. If you’re serious about meeting someone then you really should spend the couple dollars needed to be able to actually communicate with people. Don’t skimp when it comes to love!!


    Keep an Open Mind: I’m saying this because dating for awhile makes it really easy to become a little cynical…to say the least. Also, we all have a picture of what we think the perfect guy or girl should be. Most of us have pictured this person for so many years that it’s hard to open our eyes and see what’s in front of us. I’m not saying to go into this with no standards! I am however saying to not rule someone out just because they don’t meet the exact height or eye color requirement you’ve had in your mind since your first kiss. Keeping an open mind means opening yourself up to more possibilities. You never know what you’ll find hidden beneath that less than picture-prefect exterior.


    Beware the Liars: Don’t just assume that everyone is lying, but do remember the old saying ‘if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is’. If the profile pic looks like it came straight from a magazine, then move on. (Yes, people do that) If you start chatting with someone who seems great and they keep putting off meeting or even talking on the phone; don’t waste too much time and move onto the next profile since this could indicate one of two things: married or game player; neither of which you need in your life.


    Safety First: DO NOT give out any personal information until you’ve spent enough time with someone to know they are on the up and up. Don’t assume that everyone is a liar, perv or axe murderer, but do be cautious for your own safety and remember that all the chats in the world do not mean that you truly know this person is who or what  they say they are. NO last names. NO exchanging of home phone numbers. NO meeting someplace private or secluded. NO giving of address or place of business. Safety should always come first.


    Now that you have some tips to get you started; get out there, choose a dating site or two and get your witty and honest profile up there for all to see. And remember, the more people you chat with and meet, the better your chances of finding love.


    Oh! I do have one last piece of advice for you! HAVE FUN!!!