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  • Dating Someone With Anger Management Issues?


    Dating is difficult enough as it is without finding out after some time together that your new partner has anger management issues. You think things are great and you’re enjoying that I-just-fell-in-love daze and all of a sudden, almost out of nowhere you start to notice things that are just not right; they blow up at the waiter for forgetting the salt, they pick fights with every driver that cuts them off, or they snap at you for what seems like no good reason. These are indicators of someone with an anger management problem and shouldn’t be ignored. I’m not saying that you should leave the person at the first time you see them get angry, but you should be aware of the signs that indicate that someone is going through more than just a rough day. That being said though; you should never stand by someone who abuses you or treats you with a lack of respect.


    Approaching the person that you’re dating about their anger problem may seem a little intimidating. The last thing you want to do is offend them and risk ruining a good relationship, but at the same time, you can only stand by and watch it happen for so long before it has a bigger impact on the relationship. Pick a time when he or she is free of distractions so that they can take the time to listen to you. Be prepared for the fact that they may be less than receptive. Also, it’s really important not to seem confrontational or judgmental, so approach the subject carefully. Let them know that their anger concerns you and that you just don’t want to see them get into a situation that can get them in trouble. Another thing you should consider is being armed with some information about anger management. There’s something to be said about seeing your symptoms laid out on paper, especially for those who may not even realize that they have a problem. Seeing that their behavior is almost to a tee what is detailed in a pamphlet or on a website could very well be the jolt they need to realize that they have a problem. It can also help validate your concerns to that person which may help diffuse things if they start to get upset at being called on it.


    A few things that you need to know about anger management are that the person with the problem likely is under the same misconception that most of us are which is that others are responsible for making them angry. The truth is that no one can ‘make’ you angry. You chose how to react to other people’s words and actions. Seeing it that way is often enough to make someone with an anger problem begin to change their ways. Treatment for anger management is easily accessible and there are some methods that can be easily incorporated at home. For someone who is suffering from anger issues or the loved ones of those suffering; the best thing that you can do is to get as much information on the problem as you can find. Understanding really is half the battle and the sooner someone understands what’s going on, the sooner they can begin to improve.