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  • SAQA Artists
    A Community for members of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)

  • Sensational Snowglobes
    Sensational Snowglobes made with Paint Shop Pro. A family friendly community with globes of many types.{;}{;}

  • Artful on the side
    ArtfulOnTheSide is a community for the personal blogger trying to fit color, art, and creativity into a hectic schedule. In the ways of work, keeping a home, or raising kids, not much time is left for anything else; but into every life, a little art must dwell. (Created June 2, 2007)

  • Citizen of Quiltland
    A Community for people who wish to be citizens of 'Quiltland' a fantasy country created at the blog www.quiltlandchronicle.blogspot.com Membership is open to all quilters. the only requirement is that you visit the blog frequently and leave comments from time to time so we all know you are out there and so a dialogue can ensue. Quiltland is open to all quilters (no matter what kind of work your produce) who would like to join in the fun of this blog.

  • The Erotic Photography And Art Community
    The Who's Who of Erotic Artists, Photographers & Art and Photography sites on The Internet!

  • Pen & Ink Artists
    Community for artists who work in the pen and ink medium.

  • Artists' Coalition Worldwide
    Artists' Coalition Worldwide (ACW) has the goal to bcommunity artists of all types and talents, together in one place, with one purpose, without prejudice, as equals.

  • Prolific Online Quilters
    Community is for members of the Prolific Online Quilters Yahoo Group who have a Quilt related blog and post on a regular basis.

  • Artmakers Worlds
    This is a community of visual artists. 2D or 3D artists are welcome. Painters, photographers, sculpters etc. You might have a site dedicated to a favorite master. Your welcome to join. Or, you may have a site full of your three year olds drawings. Your welcome too. As long as your site is about visual arts come and join. I'll also post samples of artists works and links right from my site. A samples page.

  • Sacred Arts
    This community welcomes artists of all mediums who are rooted in a faith tradition or spiritual practice and who use the arts to explore mystery and meaning. You might be a writer, poet, musician, visual artist, dancer, chef, gardener, or someone who nurtures creativity in your life in a variety of ways.

  • Out of the Blue
    A community for all those who love creating! all artists welcome ^_^

  • Reborn Baby Dolls
    Reborn Babies by Berenguer , Lee Middleton, Ashton Drake Zapf and others

  • ArtCar Community
    This community is for all artcar and artcar related sites. View the decorated cars and see what it's like to truly drive something different.

  • Madness & Beauty
    Although it isn't always true that madness and creativity go hand in hand, there does seem to be a bit of overlap. It's with that in mind that anathema created this community. For some of us, the creative process isn't something we *want* to do. It's something we *have* to do. We write, we paint, we do whatever it takes to get the things that haunt our dreams out of our heads. Sometimes it's bliss; sometimes it's torture. Either way, we do it, because it's the best way we know to cope. You don't have to have a diagnosis to join the community. You don't have to wear all black. You don't e

  • Winged Heart
    An eclectic blend of Artists, Writers, Designers and Spiritual Enthusiasts from all over the world.    No additives, no fillers ... but pure enchantment in many flavors. Come fly Winged Heart!

  • Pixel Paint Addicts
    A community for everyone that loves pixelpainting and became addicted to it..:)

  • Creative Bloggers
    A community for all kinds of creative blogs - no matter if you're crazy about rubberstamping, scrapbooking, altered books, visual journals, artist trading cards ... this is the place for you. Let's unite and increase the traffic for your CREATIVE BLOG ...

  • Etsy Artists of Color
    This is a community for members of the Etsy Artists of Color Street Team. A global village celebrating diversity within the artistic community.

  • Artists Gallery
    A gallery of fine arts and superb crafts.

  • Fine Arts
    The Fine Arts community is a gathecommunity place for all visual artists. The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the Community (subject to change from time to time).

  • Scrapbooker Online Bloggers
    A community of bloggers who frequent the Scrapbookeronline.com website and message boards.

  • Mandalas for Peace
    The Mandalas for Peace Project is an ongoing project inspired by the mandala makers who are members of the Mandala Oasis Yahoo Group. We are creating mandalas in a nine week cycle and using specific themes to inspire us. Peace in the world begins with a sense of inner peace first. This community was created so the members could remain linked to each other easily. You are welcome to join the Mandala Oasis group at any time. We look forward to shacommunity our creative inspirations with one other.

  • Figure Art
    The Figure Art community is for artists to display their drawings and paintings of the human figure. The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the Community (subject to change from time to time).

  • Art Is Art
    The Art Is Art community is for practicing artist using various media.

  • Happy Little Trees - Oil Paintings
    A community dedicated to oil paintings on canvas.

  • Quilting with my Peeps
    Blog Community Specifically for the Prolific Online Quilters who are going to the St. Jude's Quilt Retreat in April 2009

  • Fine Young Artists
    Community for Fine Art sites (not Fantasy please), especially those for and/or by struggling artists (covers all of us really!).

  • Colored Pencil
    The Colored Pencil community is for art work and drawing done using colored pencils.

  • Hearts and Crafts
    Where arts and crafts are made from the heart!

  • Day Dreams and Night Things
    A community dedicated to the dreamers of Cyberspace. Online journals; original: graphics, poetry, writings of any kind; artistic sites with a whimsical content. Day Dreams and Night Things wants the people on the WWW that aren't afraid to show themselves. We want the shy people out there, that finally found an outlet for their creativity. We want to link the dreamers together into one collective, bind our knowledge and share it with the world.

  • TheArtistDoll Community
    This community is exclusively for fine art original dolls. All media are accepted. Sites must display primarily one-of-a-kinds or reproductions created from the artists' original sculpts.

  • Zazzle Animals & Fairytales (or Tails)
    Calling all Animal & Fairytale Designers from ZAZZLE ONLY. (You must have a gallery on Zazzle)

  • Eclectic Artists Society
    A site for artists using various mediums to create their works of art.

  • Abstract Artists
    A community for Abstract Artists. The Community Management reserves the right to refuse or remove any site that is deemed to be nonconforming to the guidelines of the Community (subject to change from time to time).

  • Art For Sale
    This community is for artists who are selling their works via the internet.

  • -[. creative chaos .]-
    -[.//a community for sites that are express a genuine appreciation for music and/or art; for sites that show original art/music and/or have a site on their favorite artist. integrated with an aesthetic appeal and original design. \]-

  • Artists and Sculptors
    Artists and Sculptors is for those involved in the visual arts such as painting, ceramics and mixed media. All who have web pages displaying their artistic works can apply to join the community.

    This community is dedicated to the world of J.R.R.Tolkien

  • Quilt Designers Community
    This community is for quilt designers of all kinds, pattern designers, quilt book authors and more. If you are in the business of creating quilt designs and sell retail or wholesale please join the community and let the public surf your blog and see your newest quilt related endeavor.

  • Etsy Dallas Blog Community
    A community of blogs by members of Etsy Dallas.

  • Sculpture
    Sculpture is for those involved in the three dimensional arts working with bronze, ceramics, marble, stone, wood, mixed media or other materials.

  • what doesn't bend
    a link for creative minds; creators of music, art, words, and worlds.{;}

  • Outsiders View
    Outsiders View Community is for self taught, outsider and folk artists only. The goal of this community is to expose the art of artists that create with fresh eyes. By joining the community, a patron of outsider art may surf between our sites for the type of art they are looking for. If you want art to receive more exposure, join us.

  • Burning Inspiration
    The community for those with well done expressive sites. If you are artistic in any way and display it well on the web, join us.

  • The muse exchange
    This is much more than an exchange, community or portal. It's all in one. The muse exchange is a gallery of art works from a group of people that are proud of their creations and want to display them on art related sites. By doing that they'll all get some extra attention;)

  • Johnny Depp is my Sexy Bitch
    A community to unite all the girls who claims that Johnny Depp is their sexy bitch. Boy, this is gonna be fun...

  • Avatars by Design
    This web-community is for any/all avatar artists to register with, along with avatar sites. Those joining the community do not have/or be part of an avatar site. The community will be used in conjuction with Avatars by Design's rapidly growing Graphics Forum member base.

  • Artists Freedom To Create
    Welcome to the Artists Freedom To Create community. This community is to bound all artists of every aspect! Poetry writers Story writers, Graphic pixel artists, Sigtag makers.. Doll makers.. If you make any kind of creativity then we want you to join us! Artists have freedom to create too!

  • Waun-A-Quilt
    Members of Waun-A-Quilt 2009 - Points system for quilty motivation!

  • PeaceLoveMarket
    An intriguing list of blogs written by artisan members of the Peace & Love Market on 1000Markets.com. Peace & Love in the new millennium is all about captucommunity the essence of the era from the 60's and 70's; a flashback in time to when handmade products were fashioned from a culture of free spirit thinking. Join us in a trip down memory lane and see how this spirit is also evolving with new twists on old ideas.

  • Unlocking the Artist In You



    Anyone can be an artist! It’s just a question about how you can become one. Some people give up too easily, admitting to themselves that they have, and will never have any artistic talent at all. If you are one of those people, why let yourself join the mediocre crowd? Here are some tips on how to unlock the artist in you.


    1. Take a leap of faith.

    Trust in yourself and believe that you can do it. One fact you should know is that forty percent of today’s artistic people involved in fashion, drawing, painting, music and acting; started from mistake after mistake. When you dare to fail in the hopes of producing a work of art, you are learning from mistakes and daring to achieve at the same time.

    1. Grease up your elbows

    No doubt about it. If you are reading this article, then you were not born with an artistic sense. You can work on it though! Practice makes perfect. It’s not even a secret that the key to an artist’s success is refining one’s skills in the arts. The more you practice, the more you will become better at it.

    1. Criticize yourself

    Now if you really aren’t producing outputs worthy of the Louvre, do not hide your work from the world. Compare it against the better pieces that exist out there. No, the purpose is not to torment yourself on how badly you suck. Rather, you have to find out what’s wrong with your work. Analyze how other people’s work; seem to be better compared to yours and aim to correct that next time.

    1. Get inspired

    Hey, it’s not a cliché. Expose yourself to different things that might give you ideas, or fire you up to start a project you can finish. You may not know what can inspire you, so it is best if you watch a variety of movies with different themes: love, comedy, drama, musical, thrillers. You may also visit museums and watch shows. You can get inspiration from reading books or blogs. Then taking a break and retreating into nature also has a calming and refreshing feeling to any budding artist.

    1. Become open-minded

    Ever heard of a real artist who is pessimistic and judgmental?  This perhaps is the single most art-crippling characteristic of a person trying to be artistic. Learn it from history. Take for example, the Greeks who had been documented to have contributed so many works of art. At the peak of their brilliance, the Greeks were known for being open minded. When you can be broad minded, you can see the world with maturity, understanding and appreciation and anything can inspire you. So scratch out bad habits. In your quest of unlocking the artist within you, … being closed minded is a definite no no.


    1. Do your best always

    Lastly, do you best, always. Don’t start a project half heartedly. And do not quit too fast when things don’t go your way. You must also accept the level your capabilities can reach. Not everyone is destined for greatness such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Beethoven. Each of us has a talent in the arts which we can nurture and develop for our own appreciation and that of others. So go on, do you best and unlock that artistic inclination from within.

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