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  • Diversity - The Human Race
    A group of men and women all over the world who support the Human Race. These pages should all be family safe, no exceptions. The Human Race consists of many different people living together in harmony. We do not have to agree with each other but we need to be able to appreciate the other person because they are different and then accept it. {;}

  • Erotic Art Community
    A collective whose objective is to promote, credit, compliment and add exposure to Erotic Visual Art websites and original artists across the World Wide Web.

  • Indian Bloggers
    Community for indian webloggers

  • Pern Roleplayers
    Pern Roleplayers is for all those interested in roleplaying on Pern. Fan Sites are encouraged, Clubs welcome. All clubs submitted will be reviewed for conformity to Anne McCaffrey's Rules.

  • Grammar Avengers
    This community is now closed.

  • Blogs and sites by Pets
    A community for pets who have their very own website or blog. Please note PET OWNERS - this is strictly animals only so if you love your pet and talk about them thats good but its not what this community is about. This is sites BY pets :D Thanks

  • Mile High Knit Bloggers
    A community for knitters with blogs who live in or around Denver, CO.

  • Creative Women of the Net
    A community where all women can express themselves in many different artistic ways. Women will have the opportunity here to share their writings, graphics, personal stories and pages and most importantly where we can all gain new friendships. All creativity is celebrated in CWOTN!!

  • Random Acts of Journalling
    Random Acts of Journaling is an online journal collaboration. Monthly topics will be based on random selections of photos, lyrics, poems, passages from books, etc.

  • FictionBlogs
    A community of fictional weblogs and/or journals and diaries.

  • Spirit Of The Winds
    A place of Angels, Dragons, Fae Folk, Wildlife, Native American and other Mystickal Places

  • Angelic Designs Community
    Do you like to create country graphics? then join all of us who also love to.

  • The (Good) Fanfiction Community
    The (Good) Fanfiction Community is an attempt to give discriminating readers a list of good fanfiction not afflicted with horrid spelling, grammar, or atrocious writing.

  • Creative Chances' Community of Creativity
    Community of sites that shows different types of creativity. From art, to writing, to imaginations...

    This is a community for sites that want to promote Love, and not hate. This site is basically a Christian site, to promote love to God, and among one another. Any type of 'FAMILY' site may submit.

  • Grrrl Pitas
    A Community for Girls with pitas

  • West Virginia Community for Artists & Poets
    West Virginia artists presented through many artforms. Visit crafters, painters, photographers, poets, and storytellers. Family oriented sites only.

  • a language of dreams ~artists
    The language of the dark heart and soul...this community links together high quality sites that carry touching poetry, art, and music... a celebration of the voices within.

  • Daily Dose
    This is a community for people over 16 that have journals that are updated regularly.

  • .b.i.t.c.h.
    proud to be a bitch!

  • jaunt
    A collaborative group for writers and artists

  • Silent Interpretations
    Dedicated to sites that express personal realities. Completely candid diaries, journals, etc., daily logs of our fights with ourselves. Attempts at self-discovery and healing. This is where we analyze ourselves and what we feel. Things we can't face (or say) in reality that we share with random strangers, some of whom have a clue about what we are feeling. Getting to know ourselves. {;}

  • Our Wisconsin Ancestors
    Linking together genealogy websites that include a focus on Our Wisconsin Ancestors. Member sites will include personal genealogy pages and non-profit websites offecommunity online records or databases relating to Wisconsin genealogical research.

  • RPG Fun!'s Community
    RPG Fun! Is a community dedicated to the players for IC and OOC Web Sites on characters, clans, plots, places, ect. If the topic of the page is related to RP then the site is welcomed here!

  • R.B. Duncan Press
    FREE science and fiction e-books and 21 pages of EVERYTHING and not one thing to buy. . Everything here is FREE. . And no pop up ads with these either. . This is one incredible spot.

  • R.B. Duncan's Arts and Humanities
    FREE e-Books. . Nothing to buy. . Twenty-One pages of Everything.

  • R. B. Duncan\'s FREE Software Site
    Please join our Site. . While you are here, get this FREE Excel software and FREE e-Books to help you solve various problems.

  • Art of Elegant Egg
    Art of Elegant Eggs Community was created in February of 1997. It was created to show the best of the best Egg Art sites. If you think your site has something wonderful to contribute to the Art of the Elegant Egg please join me and all of the other artists on the net who dedicate a bit of their life to the creation of beautiful things.

  • Awesome Animal Art
    Join this community and you will find friends who have the same passion as you: DRAWING ANIMALS!

  • I N E R T I A
    A community not only for dark sites, but also for original artistic and creative sites to.

  • Aspicommunity Writers
    Aspicommunity writers -- we're all shameful pluggers, aren't we? Well, here's your chance to advertise yourself with a group of classy, professional, writer-created websites. Only high-quality sites and those with a true love of writing will be accepted!

  • SciFi & Futuristic Romances
    The community for authors of SciFi & Futuristic Romances. A central place for fans to surf through to find authors that write in this genre.

  • written minds
    For those who express themselves.

  • Remember When
    This community is for all who remember when, or who, or what.{;}Only child safe sites need apply.

  • Tea's Unique Dollies
    Collectors of Tea's Unique dollies.

  • 4 The Love of Pixel Painting
    This is a Community for all those who love to Pixel Paint.

  • Scoundrels Need Love, Too!
    Community is for any site devoted to Star Wars with a Han or Leia (or both) emphasis. Sites devoted to Harrison Ford or Carrie Fisher are also welcome.

  • Activist Art
    Connecting and promoting all those using creative art to transform our world. Themes may be social justice, homeless rights, environmental action, ending child abuse -- or a thousand other subjects. Media may be visual art (including computer generated graphics), written word (from poetry to journalism) sound and motion and anything else.

    yeay for the RHPS!

  • Sister Sites Community
    The Sister Sites Community is centered around the world of art, thought, and personal expression. If you're looking to look at some awesome graphics, or read some thought-provoking poetry. You've come to the right place.

  • OriolesFanBlog
    Blogs for fans of the major league baseball team of the Baltimore Orioles.

  • Spectre
    A community for site owners of the Fatal Frame series.

  • WalpoleWriters
    Showcasing web sites of members belonging to the Walpole Writer's Group. Writings, musings, rants, shameless promotion, and anything else under the sun created by members of this eclectic group who meet in real time in Walpole, Massachusetts.

  • They Stole My Dreams And Burned Them
    When I was small, people used to ask me{;}

  • The Fellowship of the Community
    A community for the sites and blogs of all fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Communitys series. Join the Fellowship now!

  • Lands of Ridian RpG
    The Lands of Ridian Houses several diffrent game styles based one D&D, VtM, AD&D and other board Sims. We invited you to join the freedom community and make your choice of free play heard.

  • Families community
    To Show Of Your Families Websites

  • Hidden Shadows
    A Vc.Andrews roleplay and Fan Site!

  • Balamb
    Linking every FFVIII shrine there is~

  • Jpop-ed
    A community for Jpop related sites, such as fansites, fanilistings, tcgs, but also blogs with Jpop layouts.

  • Looking at Arts and Humanities


    English, Art history, History, Art, Religion, Philosophy, Social Sciences and communications are the subjects that make up what is collectively known as Humanities. This degree subject is either taken as a BA degree with honours or without. It is a course that requires such a wide range of study that many believe it is one of the harder degrees to earn.


    All of the subjects that made up the collective named degree of Humanities blur often into each other making their defined outlines not so defined. One must understand the complex levels of the natural sciences and the relationship each subject has with humanity in itself. It is the never ending question within the ultimate question, who are we? And how did I get here? By studying the Humanities subjects we are able to tackle this question at greater lengths and with a greater understanding of the way both the world and our minds work. We can begin to understand why we act as we do in our lives and through the study of our earlier experiences, stripping them down, we can begin to understand other peoples experiences out side our own social and cultural structures and combine them with our own. We can see the thread that is life and the purpose to our places within it.


    Humanities and the study of it offer the student a chance to real pursuit into knowledge to the very boarder and beyond. The sub subjects within Humanities give the student a chance to study ancient and modern languages, visual and performing arts and anthropology depending on what extra credit courses you wish to take. These subjects can be seen as a full investigation in what is more commonly known as the social sciences.  


    The study of the classics offers the student a unique look into the Ancient Roman and Greek cultures. Buy understanding the foundations of these cultures we can see how modern day culture has evolved. The classics are a group of scriptures which feature; Vedas, Confucius, Chuang – Tzu and the Egyptian Books of Life and the Dead. Journeys into classical languages are also included in this study. As what is the point of studying, the classical cultures? You cannot truly understand the classical cultures unless by doing so in their own language, where the true wisdom in the words becomes apparent. By learning Latin you are able to understand the life and romance within each word of the classics, poetry, plays and scriptures.


    Law is also often studied within Humanities within the sub-subject of Criminology Social Sciences. The Law often does not go quite to the plan of the CPS and it is these cases that the Humanities students research into to see where the Law has failed. By pulling the cases apart and studying them they are able to understand where justice has failed.


    Studying the Humanities is a gratifying and trying time for the student. But when complete will leave the student with a higher sense of achievement.

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