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  • Finnish Knit Blogs
    Finnish knitters community

  • Southern Knit Bloggers
    This community is for knitters and knit bloggers who live in the Southern United States.

  • Yarn Addicts Unite!
    A community for the "Yarn Addicts Unite" support group for people who are addicted to yarn and sincerely wish to continue collecting and hoarding.

  • Bloggers Who Embellish!
    A community for anyone who blogs and does embellishment - beading, embroidery, whatever you can think of! Quilters, art quilters, beaders, dollmakers, historic embroidery - all are welcome!

  • Knitters in Europe
    Community for Knitters in Europe!

  • Bad Ass Knitters
    ***If the community is closed to new members, it's only temporary as I'm being KILLED with spam.*** A community for those bad-asses obsessed with knitting. (Crocheters and spinners welcome!! I have buttons for everyone!) You know who you are. This community won't turn its back on you for foul language, a couple of post-less weeks (we all have lives!), or musings about your other bad ass obsessions outside of fiber arts. So bcommunity your attitude problem, and join the others that are too badass for your average knitting, crocheting, weaving, and spinning communitys!

  • The Spinning Wheel
    By spindle or wheel - we know what makes the world go round! I'll be checking the cue every weekend to add new members. Thanks!

  • uk knitters

  • Quilt Studio
    A community open to all kinds of quilters who have a blog and want to share ideas, photos and friendship.

  • Academics Knit
    This is a community for all blogging knitters who are associated with academia. You might be a faculty member, librarian, student (grad or undergrad), or administrator who knits. You should post regularly about your knitting. Welcome!

  • KnittingBlogsGroupTwo
    A new community for Knitting Blogs. Share your inspiration, favorites, links, free patterns, tips, ideas, experiences and MORE.

  • The Crafty Ring
    The Crafty Ring is for all who love to craft. You do not need to have a craft related site, but a couple of links to your favourite craft sites would be good.

  • The Knitting Path
    The Knitting Path - From Fleece to Finished Product - Be it the beginning, the end, or somewhere in-between, your site/blog must, in some way be connected to knitting. Knitting is your destiny. The Knitting Path - Join today, we'd love to have you along on the knitting journey!

  • WeaveCommunity
    A community devoted to weavers and weaving, any level, any area of interest. Members must maintain and regularly update a blog which includes weaving content.

  • Member of Knitter's Review
    This is a community for members of Knitter's Review.

  • Scrappy Blogs
    We are now accepting new member sites!

  • Quilt A Round
    Quilting. Anything related to quilting and quilters.

  • Etsy Team Blog Community
    ATTENTION - this community will be deleted by July 31st, 2008 - there is a new community for ETSY teams only. Information is available on the Etsy Teams Google Group.

  • Take It Further Challenge
    This community is set up for the individuals participating in the yearly "Take It Further Challenge" developed for needleworkers and mixed media artists around the world.

  • Saturday Sky
    It's Saturday. Go outside (or point your camera out a window), point up and take a picture. Rain, shine, clouds, sun: The sky is beautiful! Don't forget to look UP! Added: Please email me at sanhurl(at)gmail(dot)com to get added to the community. I receive so much spam (hundreds and thousands) that I miss legitimate joiners! Please accept my apology for this extra step. Welcome!

  • Anello Creativo
    Hobby femminili. Creazioni in pasta di sale, perline, patchworks, pasta sintetica, ricamo, pittura e tutto quello che la fantasia può suggerire.

  • Mid Atlantic Knitters
    Open to all knitters with blogs living in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia.

  • Bay Area Knitters
    A community for knitters with blogs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • New England Knits
    A community devoted to New England knitters and spinners.

  • Knit 1 Blog Too
    NEWS: FEBRUARY 2008 - the knit1blogtoo community remains closed to new members (closed since 22 September 2007 - I need a break!). If you join while the community is closed, you will automatically be deleted from the queue. Please check back again in APRIL 2008. You are welcome to visit the knit1blogtoo homepage (http://www.knit1blogtoo.blogspot.com) for links to blogger help & tutorials. Thank you.

  • The Tatted Community of Bloggers
    This Blog Community is for Tatters Who Blog. This tatted community will make it easier to navigate and promote each others sites. Another wonderful way for us tatters to link with one another.

  • Stashbusters
    finishing quilts and busting stash

  • The Amazing Lace
    Join us on a knitting adventure for Summer 2006!

  • Nappycino Blogs
    Nappyholics Anon.. knitting, families, craft, and more nappies..

  • Minnesota Knitters
    A community to connect the knitters in Minnesota.

  • 2006 ABC-Along
    This is a year-long group whose members will be taking a photo of something matching the appropriate week's letter of the alphabet (week 1 is A, week 2 is B, etc.) that has some special meaning to them. Most of the group members are knitters and/or spinners.

  • Fluffy Knitting Bloggers
    This community is for plus size knitters who have knitting blogs.

  • SnBers; Stitch 'n Bitchers Unite
    This community is for those people who attend Stitch 'n Bitch sessions or who knit in public and would like to hook up with other knitters around the world. Please include the state where you are from so others can see the online knitting community growing!!! : )!!!

  • Rowanette Knitting Blog Community
    Knitting Communitys for the Rowanettes... Don't you want to see what other rowanettes are making

  • Michigan Knits!
    A blog community for knitters in Michigan

  • Quilting for Fun
    This community is for bloggers who quilt for pleasure. We make quilts because we want to. We follow patterns, or not. We use our stash, or buy new fabric. We do this because we love quilting and fabric and we want to show our passion to the world! Currently I will only be allowing original Q4P members to join in order to control the size of the community.

  • Rockin Sock Club 2007 Community
    This is a community for members of the 2007 Rockin Sock Club. It will provide another way for us to share out thoughts and photos.

  • Blog a Crocette
    Questo community si propone di raccogliere tutti i weblog italiani dedicati al punto croce ed alla creatività in generale

  • Au fil de nos rêves...
    Un lien pour aller de blog créatif en site créatif. Pour s'émerveiller de tout ce que nos mains peuvent faire,de ce que nos esprits peuvent imaginer. ......... ...... .... Bienvenue sur ce community dédié à nos passions créatives. ............... ...... . Votre inscription doit être validée avant d'aparaître dans la liste des membres, soyiez patientes au cas ou cela mette un petit temps. ............. ...... .... . Lors de votre inscription n'oubliez pas de noter le c

  • Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge
    This community is designed for needlework stitchers who are participating in the year long embroidery stitch challenge called Take A Stitch Tuesday Challenge. To qualify for membership in this community, you must have an active blog or flicker album that shows embroidery stitches suggested each week on Tuesdays. Members are asked to show work weekly (preferably on Sunday) and at least once a month to stay active on the community. Members who do not post pictures or explanations of work done for the challenge within a two month period will become inactive. This community is open to all

  • Christian Knitters
    A safe community to promote fellowship among Christian knitters.

  • NYC Knitters
    A community for blogging knitters in New York City! New York City knitters share a special kind of solidarity. Maybe you've stabbed a neighbor on the subway with a too-long needle or left a DPN in a taxi cab. Maybe you've spent a perfect day in Prospect Park or Central Park with a blanket, a book, and your knitting. You definitely know where School Products is and how to get to it without refercommunity to a map. We 5 borough knitters need some solidarity on the Internets, too. So here it is: a blog community. RULES To be a member of this community: 1. You must live within the 5 borou

  • Monthly Dishcloth KAL
    This group holds 2 KALs a month. A “KAL” is a knit along. I will post about 7 lines of a pattern a day for about 7 days. You’ll have a wonderful dishcloth at the end. 1st of the Month KAL: These KALs have a monthly theme and usually have a picture of something pertaining to the month/season. Usually a solid color is best for pictured dishcloths. 16th of the Month KAL: These KALs are usually a repeating pattern of some type. Variegated yarns are usually good to use for these KALs.

  • Spindlicity
    A spinner's community for readers of spindlicity, handspinners and other fiber artists

  • Bad Girls Who Knit
    This is a blog community for Bad Girls Who Knit. If you're a knitter, a blogger and a real bad a*s, you know who you are.

  • Knitting Crazy Cat Ladies
    Knitters who have a thing or two for cats.

  • Real Crafty
    Welcome to the Real Crafty community. We craft and we refuse change ourselves to appease people who say we need to do certain things or act a certain way. We're real. What you see is what you get with us. We craft, we cuss, we live, love have opinions, laugh and everything else REAL PEOPLE do. YOUR BLOG OR WEBSITE MUST CONTAIN 95% ENGLISH PLEASE!

  • SCQuilters
    Southern Cross Quilters who blog.

  • Eesti käsitööblogid
    Eesti käsitööblogide kogukond

  • KnitList Blogs Community
    This list is for KnitList members who blog about knitting.

  • Simple Crafts for Rainy Days


    It’s possible that as an adult, you haven’t thought about crafts since you were making macaroni art in grade school, but if you’ve got kids, are babysitting or even just feeling a little bored on a rainy day, there’s nothing like getting creative to pass the time and maybe even create something that you’ll wow yourself with.


    You may wonder—outside of boredom—what motivation one might have for making crafts. I can think of a few offhand: it’s therapeutic, it gets your creative juices flowing and it can be a great and inexpensive way to give someone a gift that is more thoughtful than a tie or box of chocolates. If you’re not feelin’ any of those reasons, then think of how good it’ll be to get the kids to sit quietly and do something as opposed to jumping around and screaming restlessly on a snow day or PA day!


    Here are a few simple crafts that you can make with your kids or just for fun:


    A Scrapbook: Just because scrapbooking is all the rage right now doesn’t mean that you have to rush out and invest in any crazy cutting machines, fancy paper or scrapbooking workshops! All you need to make a great little scrapbook is some paper, glue and pictures from a magazine or even photo album. To make the actual book, you can simply fold several sheets of paper in half or leave them whole and staple or tie together them with ribbon. Choose a theme; family, pets, vacations. Then, start to glue in your pictures, take some time to write little captions and voila!


    Handmade Greeting Cards: This is sooo easy and oh so great to give to someone and really put a smile on their face! Again, some paper, some colored markers or pencils is all you need, but you can use things like scissors, pictures and anything else you can find to glue to the card for some added zing. Throw in a thoughtful message and you’ve got yourself a greeting card!


    Jewelry and Other Beaded Goodies: Some old beads and buttons and a little bit of fishing wire and imagination is all you need to make necklaces, bracelets, anklets or accents for a piece of clothing. All you have to do is string them as you like them!


    Art: There’s nothing like a blank canvas and some paints to get you to release your inner artist. Small canvasses can even be bought at a local dollar store, as can paint.  If you’re not much of an artist, even just painting different lines and shapes using various colors can produce something that is pleasing to the eye. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all! And when all else fails, there’s always finger painting!


    All of these suggestions are easily enjoyed at home by people of all ages, so the next time you’re bored or feeling down or trying to deal with restless children, pull out some stuff and get crafty! Your day will seem a lot brighter before you know it.


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