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San Diego Real Estate Blog. Real Estate news, statistics, prices, trends, tips for buyers and sellers, downtown happenings, restaurants and much more…

Beth Allen II
Beth blogs the universe from the comfort of her Seattle residence.

Writer's Blog
Poetry blog

Desert Shadows
A blog regarding personal interactions with books, writing and poetry. I post items I like, reviews, my opinions on authors/books, reflections on the books I study for university

The Devil's Lair
This is the blog where I focus on most items, but books (I have another blog for that). This will chronicles my life happenings, interactions with people, outings, any good films I've watched, the music ...

Dinosaurs and the Bible A Creationist's Fairy Tale
This blog exposes the falsehoods of the young earth creationists' beliefs on dinosaurs by examining the claims creationists make about dinosaurs and debunks their so-called "opinions" and "point-of-views" ...

Progressive politics, political cartoons, opinion, daily postings....

Spearheading the search for the GOP's backbone.

Life in the NHS
Life and times of a nurse turned manager working in the British NHS

Frank - The Political Progressive

The Canadian Republic
The Canadian Republic is a locus of debate regarding Canadian and American politics and philosophy. Fortitudine is a Free-Market Capitalist (a redundancy, but a necessary one) and a Neo-Libertarian. Ense ...

It's an Insane World
A humorous yet informative blog that encourages and embraces the traditional value of Free debate. Covers a wide array of controversial topics including abortion, religion, and politics.

The Bed and Breakfast Man

Kim's Horse Art
Artist Kim Wyatt's blog about her original fine art animal, horse, dog, cat, lion, bird and floral paintings. And information on my horse paintings avalible on eBay & www.artbyus.com acution sites.

Haze Gray and Underway
I am a man who retired from the military and work as a Truck driver. I have nine grand children. I am conservative in my social views but not as conservative when it comes to the old and the sick. My interests ...

Right Think With Rivka
commentary on the political front, the news of the day and how that effects our culture.

Josh's Weblog
A weblog for whatever Josh Poulson wants to do

Aeowolf Online
random irritations and joys, ramblings, links and other useful stuff

This is the story of the hurricane..
this started of as a cycling blog but soon grew to better entertain myself and my reader

The Mortgage Man
Get more out of your mortgage experience with The Mortgage Man!

Womanist Musings
WomanistMusings is dedicated to critiquing current events and pop culture from a womanist/feminist perspective. It's sole purpose is to give voice to those that have historically been marginalized and ...

Our Independent Libertarian Spirit
Rising above right-wing and left-wing perceptions, our spirit is free and wants only our freedom.

The Continuing American Revolution
Course in Political Miracles

Abolishing Socialist Slavery
"I will forgive you if you meet my needs, for in your slavery is my release." Say this to anyone and you are slave. ~ Jesus Christ (A Course in Miracles)

Rebel Central
Biting commentary about U.S. politics.

Zone Doubt

The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

Tony's Blog
A daily photo blog or PAD, of my views around SW London and my travels


Seanys Blog
The inane and occasionally sober ramblings of someone who really ought to know better

A little bit of wisdom in every box...
One chap's fight with verbal dysentery - watch the shame.

Black Political Thought
Your source for thought-provoking social and political commentary on issues that affect people of African descent worldwide.

Chocolate Sandwich
personal, semi fictional observations

My Wife Has Agoraphobia!
The story of an agoraphobic women and how the condition affects her and those around her.

Fit For Nothing


Disclosures of a Dirty Feminist
A politically focused blog that makes a point to find out interesting organizations, stories, people, and events, and then provide personal opinions.

adekun’s japan blog
Enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of first-time parenthood. Progress on the organic vegetable garden and other ramblings of a gaijin in Japan’s least populous prefecture.

The inner thoughts and deep reflections of a twentysomething technical support analyst

Mark Base - Helsingblog
A British-Canadian expat's observations and opinions about life in Helsingborg, a quaint little city in the south of Sweden. Want to know what it's REALLY like?

Lady Arkles On Tour
Meandecommunity nonsense from a Brit in Asia.

Knitting, crochet, patterns, and craft babble

Allotment 5 1/2
Vegging out in North Devon. An allotment novice blogs.

Royston Robertson Cartoons
Cartoons and related matters by freelance cartoonist Royston Robertson.

Just my personal blog full of ramblings, opinions and other stuff.

Blog of Funk
the every day story of the smell of sex

My Radio Blog
Radio Station Portal. The best Radio commercial and very famous one. Located in Madiun East Java (state) of Indonesia with multiple audience.

The Activist
Encouraging active participation in political and economic issues: globalisation, Western economic imperialism, oppression, injustice.

London Sightseeing With A Homegrown Tourist... Ding Dong
London on a budget ~ sightseeing, tourist attractions, holiday and weekend ideas. Read about London sights before you see them and get Ding Dong tips for your visit to London. Find out what's on, where ...

Wiggys Random Musings
My random musings and any funny stuff I find on the internet :D