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Click Member link to see site in tvDiary of a Looser
Loosing money, Im good at.....loosing weight seems to be impossible!

Motocross Helmet , Helmets
BIKES-STUFF is a small but high quality directory of off-road knowledge. This page deals with how to buy a Motocross helmet. What is important in the Motocross helmet exept for the graphics... We bcommunity ...

Red Statement
all things grim, womyn and revolutionary

Internet Marketing Now
Learn all you need to know about working with internett marketing. If you are an internett marketer you need to visit this site regularly. Bookmark it now!

JC De La Torre's Speculative Thoughts
An author's blog on what's going on with Speculative Fiction (Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, etc.), movies, tv, music, news, sports, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind.

Half Logic, half Spirit, and a healthy does of bullshit. Watch as our hero seeks to become a better person, understand himself to a larger extent, and change the world by showing everyone else what they ...

Bear And Shadow 's Litterbox in Cyberspace
Bear and Shadows Pet Blog funny pet pictures, free web resources, General blabber , anything goes, no holds barred, jokes, comedy comics

Cybrville P.C. Gamers Gaming Blog
Cyberville P.C. video gaming den covers games members of Cybrville Blogs are currently playing. Packed with screenshots, videos, and tips and mod sugestions

The Geopolar Mother Experience
Geo is a blog dedicated to the plight of the everday crazy person written by same. It is based on the fact that mothers begin this craziness and perpetuate it through the birth of more mothers ad infinitum. ...

My thoughts...on stuff
The blog that mixes curents events with relentless cynicism and blatant sarcasm. Enjoy!

Stewart Clbert 2008 Presidential Campaign News
2008 Presidential Election News for the Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Campaign (Hosts of the Colbert report of the Daily Show)

Commentary on current events and entertainment with a satirical edge.

Rainy Day Wondecommunitys
A personal journal that takes in the arts, poetry, mental health issues and personal opinions

the real deal in real estate investing
a blog by the founder for instant investor.net the only real real estate investing service

Big Scary Unknown
Big Scary Unknown IS my life, taking every day as it comes and whatever it has to throw at me. The only difference is I have the world looking over my shoulder.

Motocross Boots
Bikes-stuff is a small but high quality directory of off-road knowledge. This page deals with how to buy a Motocross helmets. What is important in the Motocross helmet exept for the graphics... We bcommunity ...

blogtopicz: Zenny performs amazing feats of punditry right before your eyes. The most unappreciated and underrated blog in the entire blogsphere. It is that good and only gets better with time. You ...

I'd like to share information, pictures, and memories about New England.

Alien in a Foreign Field
A wry look from a foreigner's perspective about the American way of life, a little tease. [translation = not a dig]

The SimplyJews blog deals with Israel, Jewish affairs, Zionism, anti-Zionism, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, conspiracy theories, antisemitism, peace and war in the Middle East, general craziness of ...

Life in the Banana Patch
Thoughts and asides about life, debt reduction, politics and anything that needs mocking.

Rev' Jim's RantsnRaves
Unique view on NASCAR and the media.

The Everything Portal to the Web
This blog will present to you free samples, coupons, sweepstakes, games, graphics, money-making opportunities, and all the coolest websites that shouldn\'t be missed!

AnnabelleDickson. You wouldn't know me. My take on the world and everything in it. Social, political and cultural commentary.

Musings from the Front Porch
Short humorous tales about the characters along the Texas-Oklahoma border set in the 1950's

DC Comictician on StarTrekiology
Fundamentalist worship of Starfleet and the Justice League of America.

Provides real life examples of ways to save money including reviews on storage units, eating out, and ways to make money online with no investment (rarely does any opportunity I write about cost anything). ...

Contemporary International Art Gallery
The Ashok Art Gallery is internationally known for one of its most important holdings: more than 200 major works by the world's most significant Artists.Over the past years, as Ashok Art Gallery has become ...

Standard Deviations
This site is full of useful how-to guides (how to lie, how to raise your alcohol tolerance, how to keep your cool) and some rants about current issues in the news (iPhone, Bush). I promise a good laug ...

Sunflower's Thoughts
Different kinds of posts, about my thoughts, and topics.

Sinister Creations News

El Gigante Verdoso
All about music videos. Come check it out!

My Acrostics
Each post in my blog is a poem in the form of an acrostic

Imovie help
A site with tutorials and help for Imove Hd

Everything or nothing...
This is my personal blog...

The Dogmatist
The Dogmatist is a blog focused on providing a satirical look at the present state of society by exposing idiocy through justified (or unjustified) means and contradictions of all sorts.

Kokopelli Tattoo
Tattoo Models

Rant/Rave - Entertainment, Political, and Cultural Opinion Since 2006
Rant/Rave, the popular Myspace blog, is now out on its own and ready to point out the world s mistakes - one dumb decision at a time.

Lady Raven's Rantings
Commentary on current events and political issues from a constitutional confederate christian libertarian point of view

Cracker Box
Political Satire, Humor, Reviews, Outright Lies

Success Warrior Blog
The Success Warrior Blog is about money. Personal finance, the economy, peak oil, and anything else that catches my eye that has something to do with money.

Sometimes I get to thinkin'... and sometimes I don't. The second represented here.

Groovy Inclinations
Artist Mindy Wilson's work is very unique. She uses an uncommon touch, recently focusing on many organic abstract images, screen printing, stationery, wedding invitation designs, manipulated photograp ...

Lucy's Dilemma
Just the frequent personal rantings and ravings of a 37 year old mother of two. Full of snark and curse words.

Psych Patient, MD
Where patient and physician collide: A MD with clinical depression and ADHD offers a unique perspective on mental health issues.

features the best short films all around the web and the world with detailed info.

Sparow\'s Truths Of Life
My whole point is that I wish to slice through this hellish society we live in. I want to challenge modern beliefs and show how very little the world knows. So if I butcher what you believe today and your ...

Sir Jorge Comics
Sir Jorge comics is a blog about comic books, video games, and all things nerdy and funny. It's a daily written blog by the prolific writer Sir Jorge of Culver, owner of 11 blogs.

Your Real News
Dont believe what is delivered in the news is the full story.there are often many more interesting and obtuse facts or pervertedly insane add-ons that can be included. This is the Real News and this ...

Confessions of a message board hooker
The Life and times of Jenny DeMilo. Notorious Hollywood party girl and Message board hooker. The real scoop on the provider and hobbyist subculture and pay for play companionship in Los Angeles.