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Click Member link to see site in tvTea and Biscuits
A humourous blog by Biscuits, looking at this mess we call 'the world', from the discomfort of a plastic garden chair.Photography, art, cartoons, music.

The Inquicommunity Eye
Travel reviews and commentary on current issues. Photojournalism, user interactions and SHOPPING!

Fundamentally Right
A blog with a Conservative Christian world view. You will find comments concerning politics, religion, history and current events here. Often you will find a little humor and wit, occasionally you may ...

A site about the lifestyle of the average chav. On this site, we aim to insult chavs and get them to verge away from 'chavyness', although, a more realistic aproach would just be to shoot them all, or ...

From My Point of View
Posts on politics from a liberal point of view.

Science And Supermodels
Where science and supermodels come together. The funniest scientists on the internet make the world safe for technology, one supermodel at a time.

Captain Corruption's Clearly Confused, Cracked and Confounded Commentary
Commentary on our crumbling constitution, corrupt corporate media, compulsive consumerism, and plenty more that doesn't alliterate well. Oh yeah, and important stuff like pop culture news too.

Too Young to be Grumpy
I am in the process of setting up my own internet business, but in the meantime I cook, diet, moan, take photos, compose music and do gardening.

ZardozZ OpenWeb
Jump Page for ZardozZ OpenForum, News Portal and OpenCommunity ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ZZ

Queen of Rambles
My blog acts as free therapy. I frequently rant about injustices, talk about my day substitute teaching, post recipes and talk about the minutia of my life.

The India Story
The Lonely Planet says, “India will sideswipe you with its size, clamour and diversity”. Absolutely true! India is a land of stunning contrasts, many moods & diverse cultures. This blog is an attempt to ...

Smokey Paradise
A Place to come and peek into the life of a survivor...a warrior of life..who can still slip into the ugly voids in life

Bitchitude: A way of life; mastecommunity the art of owning one's inner bitch; eloquent execution of attitude and bitchdom without lowecommunity one's self to the level of societal sheep.

Current U.S. and World News
Commentary and opinion on current happenings in the domestic and intenational political arenas to try and understand our crazy world, supported by good research and facts.

Micah World
Just a place for me to dump my thoughts on life, pop culture, and whatnot.

Creative writing outlet for a relationship challenged, mid-thirties mom of five. Warning: May have monthly moments of pure she-wrath.

Crazy Quilt
A riot of colour.And shades of grey. My reflections on a Saturday afternoon..

The Gadget Guy
gadgets, gizmos, technology musings, electronics and other cool stuff for big kids and anyone else who still enjoys playing with toys

An Exercise in Mental Masturbation
I used to write profusely in my teen years, but engineecommunity school and the corporate world has sucked the creativity out of me like a giant liposuction needle. Follow me and my meandecommunity mind ...

The Blog for the Liberal "Elite."

Work At Home Opportunities Blog
Blog which details how to succeed making a real living working from home. Hate your 9 to 5 job? Want to seriously find some ideas on how to make money on the internet? It really is possible. My blog ...

Welcome to the Tunnel at the end of the Light. Religious satire, heresy, and creative writing by a former youth minister and current rock journalist.

The Closet Conservative
Smart, nuanced political and social commentary by a conservative young woman attending a liberal college and living in a bright blue state.

Where is the Wabbit?
This site is an outlet for a lonely gal's daily musing. It depicts her sometimes mundane life in a humourous way..most of the time!

A collection of snarky literary criticism, comments, and fiction. Where else can you find Jean Baudrillard and cat snot in the same post? Nowhere, I\\\'d bet.

A Logical Voice
Breaking news, musings, rants and other bits and pieces from Voice and DJEB

Armed Victim
Satire of Current Events and Politics

A Simple Malaysian
Current affairs in Malaysia and my views in response to them.

The Art of Getting By
I'm a down to earth girl who loves to laugh at others...I mean make others laugh.

I am Lucius Van Dyke III
I am Lucius Van Dyke III--My family came to America to seek their fortune, but mainly to escape their neighbors who hated them for their flatulence.

Pessimist at Work
Entertaining tidbits featucommunity human frailty.

Tell the Untold story...

WebKittynWarbles .... and Warbles
Just a wayward webkittyn warbling her way through life with a snicker and a fig.

The Exaggerator
Not exactly the worst blog online ... but trying hard to be.

Infinite Wisdom
Progressive leaning political commentary interlaced with opinions on government, economics, current events, and social issues.

Nancy's Crazy Adventures
My personal blog with reviews of books and quality chocolate products, with any news stories I find of interest.

Shadows of the Cave
For recovecommunity reactionaries seeking perspectives for a less objective perspective.

The Euro Blog
How the European Union is showing the world life is possible without boundaries. "I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will live as one" - John Lennon ('Imagine')

Metta Spencer’s Weblog
Retired peace studies professor reflects on the use of entertainment as a way of solving global problems and enhancing personal health through the empathic exploration of emotional situations and serious ...

Corporate-Alien Blog
In today's world, we are seeing governments and corporations initiating practices that serve the rich and politically connected while trampling on the individual rights of the majority. The Corporate-Alien ...

An entertaining look at American society by young urban professionals

The Wish
Arzoo the Wish for right against wrong

Picture of a Photograph
Manhattan based filmmaker and his neurotic ramblings. Issues tackled include: political hypocrisy, theological contradictions and general boobie discussion.

One Moment In Time
My opinion on things that stoke my irk or interest

Concupiscence Behind Bars
A NYC bartendrix tells tales of over a decade behind the bar

Witsend Here
Mind Blogging Satire Spun from the Witsend Web: Satirizing politicians, government and church officials, entertainers, and anybody else who takes themselves too seriously.

cerebellum confectionary
The interesting, bizarre, and zany bits from my immediate world and the one at large.

All Aftermarket Parts
All information and detailed description on aftermarket vehicle accessories; Also, exchange of information on where to purchase the right aftermaker accessories. Let's intruduce outselfs to a new level ...

The ramblings of a non-apologetic militant atheist mom doing time in the lonestar state on atheism, religion, feminist issues, politics and current events.

Life doesnt have to be bocommunity - Searching the blogosphere for my R Factor - have you found yours yet? Life doesnt have to be so bocommunity. Looking for a laugh, discussion about politics, sports, ...