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A community for fans of Johnen Vasquez's work. JTHM, Invader Zim, Squee, and I Feel Sick websites welcome.

Incoming Nonsense
incoming: nonsense.

delicious!{;}{;}pictures, games, info, message board, etc.

Webpage of Spooky Jhonen-ness
I have info on everything Jhonen has written. This site is still under minor construction but be patient.

Ground Xero
My humble webpage contains Jhonen Vasquez fan type stuffz, odd links to amuseing places, and a story/book that I work on every now and again when Im motivated or inspired.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
Just another JTHM site with issue summaries and picture galleries pertaining to the most beloved massive headwound recipient in existence.

Welcome to my World
My little site dedicated to the work of Jhonen Vasquez!

In But A Dream - A JtHM/Sailormoon Crossover
Nny is skulking outside of Dragon Books again, mesmerized by his dear Devi D. But what happens when He sees a young girl fraternizing with Devi? A Group written fic.

Walk of Doom - The Irken Invasion
Inspired by the mind of Jhonen Vasquez and his astounding creations, comes a superior RPG forum. Walk of Doom - The Irken Invasion Become an Invader, Irken or other. Join The Resisty. Go to Skool. Face ...