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Demention Dementia
Welcome to Demention Dementia, come and explore my mind... You will find within various works of art, poetry and ameture photography. There is also a scattecommunity of time wasters along with the nonsensical ...

Zen Community
official zen's vaguely popular tag community site. accept no substitutes!

alter ego's
alterego's penthouse

your tag name/portrait link on my page! cheap!

i like tags. ryan is da bomb!

santa clause's north pole tagworld site
Ho Ho Ho! It's Santa. Have U been a Good Boy or Gurl? Well, too damn bad! Grow up, XMAS is for kids!

All About Me... and a little about you too.

Art Doggy's
A recent visitor described it as the Mother Earth of the Soul. I have 19 pages and growing. Lots of Art, both original and classical, Poetry, Short Stories, Blog, Humor, Dark Art, Maxfield Parrish, Chris ...

Kelly's Home
A place to just be yourself. Forum and Chat room and Music... Be yourself and have fun.