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An up and coming community for the new hit YuGi-Oh:king of games! It will also soon feature my new YuGi-Oh music video to the song One Step Closer By Linkin Park

The wonderful world of Yu-Gi-Oh
this is a fun site with fan clubs, communitys to join, polls, and much more.

Saiyajin Alliance Mistress
{;}A mix of anime like Dragonball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Final Fantasy 7, Tenchi Muyo, Megaman and X, Gundam Wing, Cardcaptors, Sailor Moon, & Yu-Yu Hakusho. I've got pics, music, movie clips, links, fanart, fanfics, ...

Gold eyes
this is a great yu-gi-oh site with pictures, bios,lots of info, and soon more.

Yami-Yugi's DoJo
I just created this site today. Let me tell you it looks awesome. Here you can get info on the show the game pictures, gifs. Communitys, topsite lists, and more!!!!!!!!!!

Duel Monsters Kingdom
Yu-Gi-Oh Fan site...by the way, does anyone know a good free web hosting site? Geocities gives out too little space and too little bandwidth...I've been looking for all day but couldn't find anyone good ...