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This blog is for women from every walk of life. Gays, straights, crookeds, singles, marrieds, partnered, oh-so-fat, not-so-fat, thin, anorexic, brunette, red haired, blonde, bottled hair color of any shade, sober, tipsy, drunk, unmedicated, medicated, moms, aunts, grandmoms, the only type not tolerated is gorgeous models with perfect lives. There's just no room here for them!

Kat's Thunk Chunks
...and other petty crap. Full of a whole lot of nothing with a sprinkle of something thrown in for extra flavor. See if you can follow along on my rabbit trails. Life is all about the journey, not the ...

Texas Mom
a blog about a female correctional officer living, loving and shacommunity with her family on her days off, her spiritual renewal, physical fitness and lifes little stresses that just make you want to ...

FFGC, Get It?
A Cleacommunityhouse for the Right Minded Thinker

An Affair to Remember


Nitrogen Narcosis
warped life experiences of a Dive Master, wife, jewlery lady and just all around insane things that happen to me and my family.

TitaniumRose - crafting again

Don't quit your day job
A collection of smart-ass comments, blonde moments, and the journey of a 30-something who has finally decided what she wants to be when she grows up - an EMT.

Better than blonde jokes: Blonde stories
An inspicommunity site to blow the dumb blonde myth out of the window and be encouraged to live your life successfully.