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Knit Night Friday rocks!

passion of life
my diary about life, knit, crochet, children and addiction to yarn...

Southern Charm Alpacas
We offer alpaca fibers. Spinning Batts and Handspun Yards by Shoo Shoo Fontaine.

Stitches & Chains
My Crochet Blog

Kounting Sheep
A blog that explores one girl's obsession with yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, pens, and everything having to do with these objects!

Knitting in the desert
I am a neonatal nurse practitioner who loves to knit and has a stash the size of Texas! I also a wife, mother of 3 gorgeous daughter and one rambicious poodle.

pcb chick in Florida
Panama City Beach Chick in Florida....that is a mother, wife, loom knitter, crafter and much more.

dandilion designs blog
My blog is about the knitting, sewing, and paper goods I make and sell in my Etsy shop online (dandilion.etsy.com). It's also about my knitting progress/growing obsession!

addicted knitter and spinner in fl

Kitten Knits Yarn
This is my blog dedicated to knitting.

Trinity Knot
A blog about my life, loves, crafts in progress, craft ideas, and just plain fun things. also: http://dragoncrafts.blogspot.com/ - my completed crafts

Kats Crochet
A site that has free patterns and links to helpful sites that teach crochet and all sorts of other website links pertaining to the art of crochet.

Stitch or Knot
A crochet blog!

Busy mom Paula's blog for easy knitting
Busy mom Paula's blog for easy knitting

Journey to Simplicity
The ramblings of a woman on a journey to simplicity.

Simplified Life
Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Life!!

Obstacle knitting...

Yarn Stashio
YARN STASHIO yarns are created to ensure your design success. As a collector of luxury yarns, my passion is to provide unique, limited edition yarns for the discerning knitter. With the unique textures ...

Knitting Through Life
It's my blog. It's all about my knitting.

Monet Crochet
Mostly crochet, some crafts and a tiny bit about life

Stash Monkey
It's all about the yarn!

Knitting News @ Craft Gossip
This is a site that features news to the knitting community along with places to find patterns, yarns and ideas.

Lost stitch - karannut silmukka
Full of ideas, own and others, knitted fashion, ideas and done crafting, decorating and much more!

konoponop designs bloggitty bloggg blog
The ramblings of a fiberholic jewelry designer/artist in search of intelligent life and inspiration.....and a bit of sanity amidst life's foibles and transgressions!

knit happens in half moon bay
Knitting, thinking, creating with color. Sock knitting, felting, sunsets, flowers, gardens, random thoughts that strike a chord in me.

The Esoteric Knitter
Knitting newbie, and its all about socks and sock yarn this year. :)

tejiendo en la vida
blog de tejidos al crochet, dos agujas, telar y amigos en general

Knitiots of Stockton
This blog is designed to bcommunity all knitters together in a friendly environment to share ideas,techniques, patterns, thoughts, humor, joy, love, and unity.

The Digital Knitter
Just another blog about knitting, fractals, military aircraft, and quotidian life.

kathleen Colligan
My stash is not that big as I only started knitting one year ago when I retired form teaching. I live on the Delaware River with my husband and 4 pugs.

Creative KJ's Corner
My little corner of the world (wide web) where I (loom) knit, needle knit, raise alpacas and practice spinning yarn, design, and craft and do anything related to the creative process. I will also share ...

Bella Bambina
knitting and crocheting for babies on Long Island

The Crocheting Commuter
A blog about crochet projects I do while commuting in the DC metropolitan area. Oh, how the crocheting keeps my inner Grandma happy!

A Crafty Obsession
Is this crazy enough? Almost everyone I know gives me yarn for Christmas, yarn for my birthday, yarn for Mothr's day, I think I even got some yarn for Groundhog Day once.

G'ma's Grapevine!!
musings of retired band director who knits, crochets, stitches, quilts and runs after 6 wonderful g'kids!!

Life and Knitting
Cramming as much knitting as possible while chasing two small children around in circles as they spill food and careen about.

Kinda like 'spewage' but with less 'chunkage'...

Adventures In Crochet
A blog of my ongoing and completed crochet projects.

Mostly knitting - my pictures, links to blogs, links to yarn shops, etc

Talking about knitting, life, knitting, yarn, life, knitting. You get the picture.

Sock It To Me
Compulsive knitter who feels that you can't have enough yarn and too many projects going on.

Fuzzy Ferret's Blog
A blog about me and my crochet addiction along with ongoing projects.

Knittin' and Lovin' It

Crochetnut's Place
My site is all of my past and present work, or yarn art. I am updating the site now and adding many more pages!

The Secrets of Yarn
Come unlock the secrets of yarn! Actually unlock the secrets to successful projects! I am currently working on a book, I have self published a project guide, about the most commonly used fibers and how ...

Yarn Goddess
This site showcases many of my finished projects, with a bit extra thrown in.

Some knitting musings and book talk.

YARRRRRN - A Crochet Blog
Blog of a yarn-obsessed crocheter. Must...have...YARRRRRN!

My blog about my adventures into yarn, fabric, needles, hooks and more.

Safety Boots and Crochet
Crochet amongst Gold Miners! Sometimes I feel like Madame de Farge, crocheting as the guillotine falls!