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Click Member link to see site in tvAnother Day at Bay Colony Farm
Come join us as we care for our beautiful German angora rabbits, spin, knit and do other fiber related things, including enhancing the stash!

Intro to My Brain
My rants and other excited utterances on pop culture, knitting, reading, and the world in general.

Yarn Collectors Anonymous
I am a yarn addict and not afraid to admit it. Last count was right at 100 skeins of sock yarn alone!!

Knotty Purls

laughing purple goldfish designs
dedicated to using reclaimed and recycled materials... and shacommunity my patterns and ideas with you

Knitting, Crochet, and Sewing journal

Velma's World
Musings on life in the World o' Velma, behind the Redwood Curtain, land of wonderousness. Blogging on topics such as: Arcata, Humboldt, knitting, spinning, disc golf, reading, sarcasm, and yes, bacon. ...

Knitting, occasional stencilling and other babbling from Ealing.

Knitting Adventuress
about my addiction to yarn and knitting

A Wandecommunity Knitter
My partner and I wander the world, teaching English and collecting yarn (me) and computer games (him). I need a whole suitcase for my stash that travels with us, and that doesn't count the two trunks of ...

JAG Knits
Home of JAG BAG Felted bags. Free patterns, tons of links and favorites, monthly knit for charity sites, events, book reveiws, knitting guild news and MORE !!

Rachel's Ramblings

By Hook or By Crook
I like hooks, pointed sticks and everything yarny

Yarns N Threads
My day to day adventures in knitting, spinning, crocheting and all things fiber.

My Overstuffed Room
Tracking my (in)ability to contain my knitting, spinning, weaving, sewing and the cool tools of the aforementinoed to one room in my house.

Knitting Knurse
Just a blog about me and mine. Keeping up w/ my knitting and plain ol socializing

Sheila's Shawls
This site is dedicated to Sheila's and Paul Wellstone. Who worked tiredlessly to end and comfort families touched by domestic violence. Sheila and Paul died in a plane crash in 2002. Now we continue to ...

Pray and Crochet
I love to pray and I love to crochet!

Yarns and Musings
A blog about crocheting, dyeing wool, maybe spinning and fiber arts in general. Plus a few rants!

Straight from the Life of Kel

a quiet guy's journaling of his adventures in various forms of stitchwork (knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross stitch) and gardening

Yarn Tails
The daily ramblings of a fiber junkie and stash addict. Crochet, spinning, lockerhooking - if it takes fiber, I love it.

Ruby In The Rough: Knitting Ground Control
What were you thinking? Scoucommunity the world for the fuggliest knit objects to help myself and others raise the standard of knitting to new levels. Links to other Ruby In The Rough blogs: www.rubyintheroughsocks.blogspot.com ...

Knitty Banter
An entertaining monologue (I hope) about my journey through the TKGA Master Hand Knitter Program and my experiments with knitting and other fiber arts. Warning: may also contain intermittent stories about ...

Crochet Craft
This site contains mostly crochet items I have made. There are pictures of my puppy dog and a few links to other appropriate websites.

Summersgirl Can Knit and Purl
My little corner of the web devoted to my knitting obsession.

Susan's Crochet Home
MY blog is about my love of crochet. My WIP's and pics of my finished projects. I also have a very hugh yarn stash. I also buy yarn all the time, I always find some kind os yarn that I just have to ha ...

The World According to Jennifer

The ramblings--important and otherwise--of a self-taught knitter who tries hard.

I sell raw fleeces from sheep, goats, rabbits, and spun fiber. Types of fleece, Mohair, Border Leicester, Romney, angora rabbit, llama, Suffolk, Coopworth, Jacob,Wensleydale. We also sell the above ...

Chronicles of a Yarn Obsession
A blog dedicated to my personal adventures in knitting, crocheting, and all fibercraft endeavors.

Needles of Steel
Machine knitting and hand knitting in Central England

Bee's Knees Knitting
Handspun Yarn for Sale - Knit to Bee Happy!

Tejiendo, qu ms?
Mi blog de tejido. Quiero compartir mi actividad favorita, el tejido a dos agujas y el crochet o ganchillo, como mas les plazca. Nos vamos a encontrar "Tejiendo, qu ms?"

Yarn Obsessed Mississippi Girl
Yarn, yarn and more yarn with a bit of knitting, crocheting, family and pets all thrown in for one great obsession.

Spiraling Threads
Musings of a rebellious creative crone; a blog about art quilting, crochet & knit designing, rock & roll, liberal politics, aging, life, and family....in any random order.

My goings on about knitting, kids and way too much yarn!

My crocheting journey

tisjewel's Turn of Art Studio
Blog of artist tisjewel (Julie O'Neil) - mixed media, collage, altered art, fiber/fabric art, and SPINNING yarn/fibers!!!

Crescent Knits
I talk all about being a muslim convert knitter who is always on the search for new yarn stores and new yarn, while working on a knitting group that builds bridges between the muslims and non muslims through ...

Capng Crafts

Yarn Paper Scissors
Two sisters share their love of yarn, paper, and other creative adventures.

Crochet, knitting and my general life ramblings.

Love Country Living
A simplier life. Made in the USA. Ramblings from a Country family and the country life. Crafts, Work from home and more...

Crafty Granny
I am addicted, I love yarn. I spend so much time in the yarn shop that the owners must think I'm stalking them. I have recently purchased an unhealthy amount of yarn, in anticipation of my husband forcing ...


Newman Knits
Knitting my way through college....lusting over and buying more yarn than I can afford.

Yarn Thing

Crafty Nerd...
All that is crafty in the land of me! I enjoy crocheting, sewing, photography, paper crafts, and I'm sure there are more...

Stitch and Knit
Kniterlings of a crazy cat lady with an addiction to purty fibers!