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Click Member link to see site in tvThe unbearable lightness of knitting
Knitting. Yarn. Travelling. Yarn. Shoes. Yarn and some more yarn. Handbags. Yarn. Oh yes, piccies of yarn.

HK Knitter
yarn addict living in Hong Kong

One Crazy Fiber Lady
One seriously fiber afflicted crazy lady who enjoys her twins, knitting, spinning and stashing yarns and fibers.

My little blog about my yarn addiction, kntting, school and what-not.

Crochet Mom
30-something year old MOM and WIFE who is OBSESSED with yarn & crocheting!

Chrissy's Random Life
Writings about my obsession with knitting and the aquisition of new yarn, as well as life with a cute little grey tabby, and finishing my B.A.

pieces and bits
I am another yarn freak! Check out my blog to see how I use my vast quantities of yarn!

Carol's Knitting
descriptions of my knitting projects, stash photos and attempts at organization, some free patterns

Addict: n - one who becomes dependednt on something. In my case thats Yarn.

Shuttle & Ewe Studio
Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Photography

deceptively packaged

Welcome to the unravelings of my mind where I talk about my crochet, my family, the weird happenings around me, and generally whatever strikes.

Knitting and Knitting

see kim knit
where I talk about knitting and sewing and anything else that crosses my mind...

A Shepherd's Voice
Shepherdess, spinner, knitter. Keep up with the goings-on at Bluff Country Shetlands ~ where Shetland sheep and their wool started me on the road to YARN ADDICTION...

JessaLu Knits
A lot about knitting, a little about raising a teen, and inane babble with some sarcasm thrown in to make it interesting

my life as a yarn and crochet holic..

Coming Unraveled
I have crocheted since long before it was hip to do so. This blog will show my works in progress, finished works. and original crochet patterns. I am also just getting into felting/fulling. All patterns ...

Good Yarns
a blog about the crafty life of a card-carrying crochet addict.

Mias Folk Art
a place to share stories about life, knitting, sewing, painting, creating in general.

....just wanna craft, Cathy M
"A place where I can vent...if I want to. A place where I can show off stuff...if I want to. A place where I can share stuff...if I want to. And a place where I can just veg out...if I want to."

Take Joy!
I live with one husband, twelve cats (more or less), a flock of chickens, a sort-of garden, and a lot of yarn. I make things, grow things, cook things, very occasionally clean things, and tend the fire ...

Rows of Purls
knitting projects and resources.

Hooks and Laces
I love yarn ....never can get enough !

Manasi Kashyap
Handspun yarns, hand woven scarves & shawls and hand knitted goodies. Season-responsive hand dyed & novelty yarns. Images of fiber related travels & adventures.

Memoirs of a Yarn-a-holic
My adventures in yarn and what to make with it all!

Cindy's Craft A.D.D.iction
Chronicles of my craft addiction, particularly in fiber arts (spinning, dyeing, crochet, & knitting).

This is my blog dedicated to knitting, crocheting, and the occasional spinning. Unfortunatly there aren't enough hours in the day for all the things I want to complete.

Knit Two Together
My life as a knitter who is not only in love with her stash, but has a compulsive need to hoard exotic fiber.

Emily Knits in NYC
Knitting Aficionado and Other Obsessions of a Woman in NYC

knitting, yarn, random stuff...

lisathemom's blogspot
My blog about knitting, quilting, family and pets.

Elsa annab aru...
Elsa's craft and yarn stories (in Estonian and English)

Is it knitted? Nope! Crocheted! Crochet isn't just for grannies, doilies and floppy funky scarves. I am - fairly - under 50 and have a crochet hook and a yarn ball handy in my purse. I like decorating ...

Freak of Knit-ture
I am the PuppyMomma, hear me roar. Watch me knit, and spin, and fondle fiber. And yes, I do talk to yarn.

knits, papergoods, accessories and more...übercherry goodies make you feel übercheery inside!

When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting!
how my knitting disorder keeps me sane!

Cinnamon Purls
Just my ramblings about Yarn, Knitting, Crocheting & enjoying life!

Cat's Cradle Creations

Good Kharma Bunny
The Good Kharma Bunny loves anything textiley, especially if it involves a yarn. I do mainly ply split braiding. This site aims to show what I'm working on at the moment.

cozy's place
My blog about knitting, writing, and family life

Noey's Mommy Knits
Almost daily blog about my knitting and life with 6 year old.

Tea and Yarn
Knit one purl two, sip some tea, pet a dog, discuss everything.

downeast yarn ho
Self-taught lefty knitter in Maine who has never met a skein she didn't like (or at least fondle longingly)

Alpaca Addict
A blog by an Alpaca Addict - mostly about knitting with the odd post thrown in about my life as a freelance writer.

on the needles
A knitting site with occasional forays into reading, Lady Gouldian Finches and Italian Greyhounds.

Jigra Knits
About my projects and how I deplete my stash, only to fill it again!

Books Hooks Sticks
Blog about books, audiobooks, knitting and crochet projects, family, pet and socks. Shopping experiences and reviews of magazines and books related to knitting and crocheting are also discussed.

Yarn Goddess
A humorous look at my life, knitting, projects, stash, where I get my stash, a husband who doesn't understand it all, and anything else that pops into my head.

Amy's Babies
Find out what dolls I am making with my stash!