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Click Member link to see site in tvConfessions of a Stash Junkie: A Crochet/Knitting Blog
Documents the confessions of a yarn stash junkie / beginning knitter / intermediate crocheter. My favorite projects are baby items, scarves, and magazine & book reviews.

Cats in My Craft Basket
My blog features all my crochet, knitting, beading, sewing, scrapping, cross-stitch, and any other craft projects I might come up with.

Shepherd Chik's Musings
My blog about my sheep, spinning, knitting, and yarn/fiber obsession

Greetings from Blogdog!
My blog isn't just about my Bearded Colies. It's also about knitting, music, books, food, and any other random rant that happens.

Squid Knits
This blog is about one womans adventures in the fiber arts with occassional mentions of family and squid.

A diary of how to stash bust ? who am I kidding ? There can never be too much yarn

The Tangled Skein
This is my online diary of knitting projects and related entropy. I can't ever seem to keep track of handwritten notes because sometimes my thoughts are as tangled as the yarn I work with.

NadaJ Knits

Sweet Knittilicious Spot
...just another girl with a cat, a big stash and an obsession with pointy sticks and shiny objects!

Trebling Tales
Journal of my crochet and things that happen in my small world

Holy Knit Batman

Vera's Crafty Blog
My adventures in needlework.

My personal knitting experiences. My love of all things knit related, especially yarn!

Goldi's Locks of Yarn
blog about crochet and yarn, what else do you need to know?!

Stay at home knitter
SAHM obsessed with yarn and knitting.

Knitters are funny; we keep people in stitches. A blog about knitting the good life.

Dsknits2 Life.family.knitting.yarn

Needles & Hooks
Stuff I do with my hands

Saturday Night Sheep
My obsession knitting and crocheting.

Must have yarn!
yarn and crochet

Too Many Hooks!
This is my blog! I'm happy to show off my crocheting and my *inno* various projects that are in the works at any one time. I also chat, complain, and basically talk to myself unless someone comes in and ...

Yarn & Hook Happy
Just a little site about my projects and uses for my lovely yarn! Also to show off my new yarns!

Who Me?
Im an actively cteative person. I draw, I knit, I write stories, and I read. According to my friends I'm funny but i think they r just nuts lol.

It's a Crochet Thing
Favorite past, present, and future crochet projects, links, shops, and sites. Everything I love about crochet.

Knot Again
My adventures in crochet, knitting, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Scottish Spinner
spinning, knitting, loads of lovely yarns.

Knitting factors heavily into my blog, as well as whatever other DIY projects I happen across, and school-Art History, my puppsy dog as well as any interesting adventures that we (me and me dog) have...there ...

Crafty Chick Knits
Ramblings about life, knitting, whatnot.

Some Bunny's Weblog
A diary of my works in progress, whether in yarn, my garden, and life in general.

Knitting Satori
Knitting Satori is about the crazy things knitters think about while knitting. There is an extensive amount of links for your knitting pleasures.

Snokist Farm Handspun Yarn
Snokist Farm is the home of Kathy Blackett's Quality Handspun Yarns. For colorful, unique, and luxury yarns, please come see our newest spins!

Cat's Cradle Creations
A place where I share my thoughts and crochet experiences. Linked to my personal pattern blog.

Monster Crochet
Currently fighting and losing battle the battle of a crochet-controlled existence.

Crocheted Monkey
This is my personal blog about my knitting and crocheting adventures. I always update when my stash grows.

A Latte Crochet
Simply put, I love yarn & want to add more to my stash! It warmed my babies, carries my money safely & it saves money for all the things I would make instead of buying.

yarn, life, and faerydust...

Knit & Play with Fire
knit, wait for a call, knit some more, still waiting, knit, tones go off times to play, come back and knit some more.

Crochet, Kids and Life
My ramblings about parenting, knitting, crocheting, life and the trials, errors, mishaps and successes of re-entecommunity the world of horseback riding and show community after 12 years.

Crocheting, crafting and babbling...an online journal of the mundane and fasinating!

Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!!!
My site is new and I now know how to knit and I can say that I LOVE LOVE it. Did I say LOVE LOVE it. thanks

Dreem Knits
A single mother of 2 girls and my day to day life and knitting adventures.

Knitting on the Avenue
A trip down Knit Avenue, view the new wool room... gotta have one! The library had to be moved to another room - to make room for more yarn!

Knitting Nurse
Just a little site to document my successes and failures with knitting, nursing, cross-stitch, pulled thread and anything else that may catch my eye.

Cerridwen's Knitting Blog
The blog of a compulsive knitter.

A Knitter In Queens
All about my addiction to knitting.

Veronica's Crafts
My little crafty world.

Nana's Knitwits
Knitting, Crocheting, Pets musings photos.

Monaco Yarns and Threads
Welcome to my crochet blog! I have free patterns, tips and lots of interesting links for free patterns. I also sell high quality acrylic yarns and cotton threads and some crocheted items.

Where is she now?
A cat-crazy crocheter in India

Vintagefusion Knits N Crochets
A Singaporean who loves to knit, crochet, cross stitch and stash!