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a community for Yami no Matsuei fans with weblogs.


Willfully Disturbed
I write. A lot. Of things I should be arrested for.{;}

Unmei no Kaikou
My blog... just rants about things ^^{;}

energy level high!
Just your normal everyday blog by a crazy Chinese gal who's in love with Hyung-Tae Kim's art and who loves J-rock, manga and anime.{;}

JLJ's Journal
Just a little place for me to ramble about my life and a few of my favorite hobbies. Namely yaoi. Yaoi is good. *nods*

come and read my rants and senseless babble about jrock, anime and my insanely bocommunity life...{;}

Dreaming in Shades
A tale of a blogger and her quirky habits... o.O;

In the Middle of Somewhere
Poster girl for obsession... er, maybe. The Middle of Somewhere is my mindless blathecommunity with a few pseudo-analysis of Yami no Matsuei here and there. I'm a big fan of every character (and I really ...

original sin
Blog of a crazy Tsuzuki pervert. She's as bad as Muraki, only that he's also a victim of her pervertiness.

shaBabeh! ^^
Just my bloggie with daily rants and raves + links to my other sites. Just the usual, but if you got time to read my experinces GO VISIT! Or just visit my other sites. At least one might interest you. ...

Silver Dragon's Lair
El diario de mi dia a dia y de mis aventuras en la vida ^^

oO>Not a Word
The life and times of an insane fangirl ^^{;}

The Garden
My blog/rant/review/random goodies/links, etc. ^^{;}