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3D Game Studio: A must have for every 3D programmer


Interested in creating games? Then a 3D game studio is a must have for a 3D game creator serious about his work. A 3D game studio is a complete package of programming which includes various number of applications used in programming in this genre.


A 3D game studio offers best of everything that a 3D game programmer may wish. Be it for a beginner, or for an expert in the advanced stage, it offers best of all the worlds. Learning a scripting language or any powerful application becomes easy with the use of this application. In simple language, a user simply ends up enjoying this application due to its versatility and its varied approach. One of the best advantages of using a 3D game studio is its ease of use.C programming script is the core programming language used in 3D game studio. A programmer can easily edit his C script in notepad or the script editor.


A 3D game studio manages all the items that need to be included in the final publishing of the 3D game or application. With just a simple browse, all the files including the sound, script, model and level files can be easily seen. Programmers with experience in Java and C language find the scripting language of 3D game studio much easier. A 3D game studio comes with a complete package of Online Glossary of Commands, easy tutorials and help files that are well documented. An application with many lines of programming can easily be developed using 3D game studio in much less time using simple default scripts.


A 3D game studio has special features of SED or the Script Editor, MED or the Model Editor and the WED that is the actual editor itself. In a Model Editor a 3D programmer can create animations without the help of other 3rd party models. 3D Game Studio imports many formats that help in various applications such as, to skin the models, to create animations and bone animations. A Script Editor helps to see all the variables, actions and functions at the click of a button and a World Editor helps to plan, layout, program and review the 3D game or the application developed.


Bottom line is that, a 3D Game Studio is a much simpler tool for developing 3D applications and a must have for every 3D programmer.

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