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This community is the first and only X-Files fanlisting community open for everyone, who is onwing an X-Files related fanlisting!

Musings_____[[CSM Fanlisting]]
Fanlisting dedicated to the Cigarette Smoking Man (CGB Spender, Cancer Man).{;}

X-Files Themesong Fanlisting
Fanlisting dedicated to the theme song of The X-Files, written by Mark Snow.{;}

Unusual Heroes: A Lone Gunmen Fanlisting
For fans of the paranoid trio, the Lone Gunmen.

Conspiracy No. 1: The X-Files Season 2 Fanlisting
Fanlisting dedicated to the second season of The X-Files.{;}

symbol of faith - the scully's cross fanlisting
Dedicated to the cross of gold that (almost always) hangs around our fair Scully's neck.