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A community dedicated to X-Files fanfiction. Both authors and archive sites are welcome--enjoy surfing!

I Believe - Stories by Diana Battis
Stories with an MSR slant

Kelly's Fan Fiction
X-files and Highlander fan fiction and links{;}

Writings Of The Black Wolf
Come on over the Black Wolf's little writing den on the web. Actually, this is a site featucommunity X-Files fanfic and cross-overs by me- Erin McCoy. Please visit! {;}

the mark of xcellence
{;}award winning x-files fan fiction

Lara's Favorites
Fanfic recommended by Lara Means - all genres, all ratings, all great! Brand-new and classic fic; updated regularly.{;}

A collection of X-Files fanfiction, as well as original stories and poems. {;}

Written by Lara Means
Doggett-friendly, Reyes-friendly, unabashedly shippy fanfic - from Conversation Hearts to the Sara Mulder Stories and post-eps in between. Plus writers' resources and fanfic links.{;}

Fanfic about the Forgotten Scully - Dana's little brother Charlie. Fanfic challenges! Submissions welcome!{;}

A monolouge-style X-Files site with info and links about news, fanfic, the movie, current stuff, and my own opinions{;}

The Underground
The Underground: Please Remove Foil Before Cooking.{;}

Files Of X
A little of everything X-Files. Fan Fiction, games, award, trivia, e-cards, gallery, wav files, screensavers, scripts and more.{;}

X-Files Fiction by mountainphile
A shipper-friendly site, rated G through NC-17. Vignettes, longer stories, "shorts," a series, and a WIP...

Freaky, Weird, Cult Television
Site houses all of my X-Files fanfic.

Scattered Images
Oddments of X-files fanfiction by Kelly Keil.{;}

The Official Website of Special Agent Dana Scully, FBI!{;}

Lady Midath's Fan Fiction
A fan fiction site featucommunity X Files, Star Trek, Buffy, and many other fandoms. Stories range from general to adult and slash. All stories are rated and have summaries. A new site but I already have ...

Lone Gunmen Fan Fiction
Fiction stacommunity everyone's favourite trio of computer hacking geeks! Remember Smart is Sexy! {;}

Juliette's Doggett Fanfiction
My Doggett fanfiction, but also open to other's works. Always accepting submissions!

Manic Mea
Manic Mea is a new X Files fan fiction resources site with lots of stories which are both gen and slash and whatever other genre there is. There is videos, galleries, episode guides and more come check ...