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A Community of Free Form Role Players, where the sites can differ vastly, one being realistically based on historical events, the other a free form fantasy where anything can happen. Whatever the site is, though, you can be sure that Creative Writing and Imagination reign supreme!

Romance Of The Four Kingdoms
A land set in a turbulant era of Clan Wars, where Free Form Fantasy Role Play and Creative Writing combine. No longer is the RP about stats or moves, but the imagination and creativity of the person at ...

Forever Lost
An RP, based on a world after a deadly energy storm, known as Dies Irae, desimated the land. The few survivors band together, yet two distant forces have formed, each hoping for control. Yet, all is not ...

War of the Ages
This site is based upon both the 3 Kingdoms novel by Luo Guanzong, and the Warcommunity States of Japan. On this site you can Role-Play as anyone who was alive ducommunity both era's of chaos. There are ...

The Realm Of Destiny 2
The 3K RPG Site For All Your RPing Needs......

Role Players Union Homepage
The Home Page for the Role Players Union, where various Role Play sites can meet up, chat, exchange ideas or even members.

ForSaken Era
ForSaken Era, a monument to what every RPer should stand for..

Battle for Rome
Battle for Rome is based in the starting times of Roman rule. Where barbaric warlords loom over Roma. Were Alexander's once mighty empire has crumbled into a collection of warcommunity states. Become a ...

Redwall Abbey
Ill affiliate You stumble. What was that? You look down. A great red sandstone brick. Where did it come from? From all you know, you were in Mossflower Forest, travelling far and wide for a legend. ...

Honey Is Forever: HIF Format
A small town -- just recently re-entitled Xyphoid -- is the spot of a "war" between the Christian and Goth communities. Stereotypes used for humour abound! There is an actual plot... Somewhere. HIF ...

Askavi Keep
Free Form role play for the mature role player. Many story lines already begun, and room for many more. Please join us in our fun.

Path of the Shinobi
This is an up and coming site, where members create their own characters that will star in an expertly written story. All characters are based on the "Naruto" Universe, but we encourage creativeness and ...

Arach Eyrie
This is a site dedicated to dragons. Role play dragons from egg to adult. Loads of fun for those who love to role play and love a challenge.

Path of the Shinobi
Path of the Shinobi is a brand new, up and coming site that centers around an expertly written story that takes place in the Naruto universe. Members not only create their own characters to be included ...

Death to the In
This site is for role playing, and other things. It seriously needs some help for it can become beautiful.. And marvolous and stuff.

Naruto:World Torn Apart
This is a rated R naruto site, that is for an naruto love, or fan

Hogwarts In Shards
A chat and forum-based roleplay based in J.K. Rowling's magical school, Hogwarts. Three years after the war, the survivors struggle on, trying to pick up the shattered remains of their lives.

A free forum RPG which focuses on medieval fantasy, with a lot of versatility, and room to grow. Players can take major roles and effect the storyline greatly! In Elandir, the possibilities are nearly ...

Time of the Equestdorian
An unique fantasy bonding rpg set in the times of war. Originals are welcomed and loved.

Out There
This is a general role playing game forum. There are boards for fantasy, science fiction, horror, and other genres. There aren't a whole lot of rules or restrictions -- good grammar, no god-modding, ...