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A community dedicated to the paicommunity of Xellos and Lina, from the anime Slayers.

Slayers Titian
{;}Fantasy Sciencefiction fanfiction about the Slayers, Lina and Xellos actually gets married on WolfPack Island. Part of a Mega Site.

*Travellers Adventures*
Pequeño altar sobre Slayers en castellano que incluye secciones dedicadas a Lina, Xellos y Zelgadiss, fanart, fanfics y muchas cosas más...{;}

Lina_Inverse30's Slayers Shrine
Has Adopt-A-Slayer program, fanfics, fanart, profiles, gallery, awards, supports lina/xell! (duh) =^_^=

Soma's Xellos Shrine (I know, real Original)
My little fanpage dedicated to Xellos at his best and the women who love him.

Stolen Secret
{;}This site is dedicated to the coupling of Xelloss and Lina with a gallery, goodies, media, fanfics, informations, and some fun stuff.

Purple Dreams
A site consisting mainly of Xelloss-Lina fanfiction. Also with pictures and fanart. VERY Pro Xelloss & Lina!!!! ^_^

Slayers Fanfiction ~ The Eternal Dream
A fanfiction submission site for all Slayers fanfiction ^.^. (Also the home for Purin-chan's fanfiction ^^)

Slayers Stuff
Xellina shrine (duh!) for my fics and some links I've collected. Come on in!

Sapphirefly\\\'s Slayers Fanfic Site
A site dedicated to Fanfiction in all its varieties (songfics/poems/novellas/short stories). Mostly about Zelgadis and Xellos, even though they rarely show up in the same fic.