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The first Community for all sites about Wolverine/Rogue or Logan/Marie in existence. Whether it be fanfiction, pictures, links....all are welcomed into this unbreakable community of Adamantium. Shipper sites can also gain help from the Kindred Spirits section on the Adamantium X site (not part of the Kindred Spirits site). Guardians Of Logan's Dreams (G.O.L.D) now in operation. Recently relocated here. What y'waitin' for? Come join the Evolution!{;}{;}

...Mightier Than the Sword: X-Men Fan Fiction
A page for fiction from several fandoms including X-Men, Buffy, FX, Profiler, and more...

Beauty & the Beast: A Wolverine/Rogue 'Shipper Site
A site dedicated to the 'love' between Logan and Marie from the X-Men movie.

The Ultimate X-men site
This site contains quotes, pictures, multimedia, bio's, the script...ect..ect