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Click Member link to see site in tvChakeeta's CRYSTAL CAVES
A 'New Age' site, featucommunity a Reality Box, and weekly horoscope.

Lady Catherine's Realm
Renaissance and Pre-Raphael Site of Love and Romance in Poetry,Art and Music.Also Historical Letters Of Love.From Gr. Britian

Rebel Angel and Little Rebel Angel
WE ARE WOMEN! WE ARE REBELS! WE ARE ANGELS! WE ARE SURVIVORS!! We have not forgotten our younger women {;}We have walked the edge of life, and made it. We have seen the worst, and are conquecommunity ...

Virtual Forest Graphics
Simple website graphics for those who like a little eye candy with their content. Not to mention the occasional fairy.

Toasted Cheese
An online writing community where people of all creeds and writing levels can share their work for honest critique and advice. Insipiration is freely given. Also an online magazine where your work can ...

Love, Carolou
The site is poetry primarily covecommunity love feelings. There is also inspirational work there as well.{;}{;}It involves a true emotion and about a true love from me for a man...

A Work In Progress
A Work In Progress started as a place for me to post my WebTech University homework, but it's growing to include more! I'm adding computer virus & hoax info, articles & rants, inspirational quotes and ...

Eclectic site with blog, poetry, blinkies, advice for recovecommunity Jehovah's Witnesses, baby freebies, pregnancy and infant loss memorial quilt, and the virtual church of benevolent deities.

La Fay's World
Just a site about me and some of the things I enjoy doing

Linda's Place
Poetry,Artwork,Painting,Depression,Dogs,Tweety bird ,Linda,Sad, personal stuff,Gif's,

Careless Whispers
Come adopt my dolls and graphics! I also have cliques, copyright signs, welcome signs, bgs, bg sets, all made by me for you! I'll do custom stuff too.....

Astral Aspects
Reach for the dizzy heights with all things astrological, with lots of astrological and new age information charts and reports of all descriptions, and gift ideas such as crystal bracelets, cards, chokers ...

Angels and More
I have lots of angels, faries, mermaids, family and more. Soon I will be adding more angels, unicorns, and pegsus. So come in and look around and enjoy your stay.

Woodland Nymphs
all things magical

The Kitchen Witch
A place to find almost anything

Students of Astrology and Tarot Studies
A site for a 'Community of Learners' and any Guest's who care to join us

Julie *Cookies*
Personal/Visitor content site

Jennica's ~ World
Hi, welcome to Jennica's ~ World, a great site to teach others the truth about Wicca, come on in, I would love to have you sign my guestbook!

Warriors Within
Medieval stories and poems of magical times when dragons soared and brownies dance to wicked tunes of new. Major story of friends and I embarked on a journey back in time to face the evil of a dying k ...

Autumn's Little Corner of the Universe
A personal site with info on Wicca and Paganism.

JadedSilverMist's World
Personal site of a 19 y.o. living with DID/MPD. Site includes my story, information on DID, (Dissociative Identity Disorder,) info. on veganism, poetry, lyrics, etc... come on in!

Claudia's Collections
Claudia's Collections the home of background sets, adoptables, and much more....

about me and disease that run in my family

Patties Garden
This&That/Poetry/Angels/Fairies/Quotes/Friends/Links&Communitys. more to come {;}.

Gabi's Beach
Stroll along my beach with family and friends.........and my bout with breast cancer.

El Rincon de Aigualuna
Sitio con amplia información y fotografias de mitologia griega y una sección de sets graficos gratis para webs no comerciales

Aster's Cyber Page
My modest collection of Snowglobes! which i have enjoyed doing this past year. Hope you enjoy visiting! {;}{;}

Some about me, psp information, my holiday pages, communitys I belong to, causes I believe in, etc.

Jani s World
Come join me in My World. Relax, take a deep breath, and get lost for a while.... No rush....

Unicorn Dreams
A place where everyone can come together and share in happy or sad and not be judged for who they are or what they think.{;}

Anyara - aphorisms in the light of astrology
Quotations on beauty, genius, God, happiness, love, women and other subjects - Quizzes - Quote profiles - Quotations identified by the horoscope sign of the author - and much more ...{;}

A Journey Into Healing
A Site dedicated to the life of my mum and her work as a healer in hope that she may touch the lives of others out there in the way she touched and helped all those who knew her in life. Dedicated to ...

Sarah's Little Home On The Web
this site is about me and my family. With links to all of my other web pages. other web pages include a memorial for my son, my heart story, and a whol lot of other things.

Lady Dreams World
Lady Dreams World is a place of Love on all levels, mind, body, spirit. I strive to teach empowerment and the diviness we all hold within, as well as the sacredness and beauty of a womans sensuality in ...

Belinda's Homepage
Lots of info about me & my daughter plus a cancer dedication page, My personal story of postnatal depression, pics of me in Period costume, Men in Kilts, Australian Army reserves, my cats, Panda Passport, ...

Gramma Didi's Place
Gramma Didi's is a family focused site, with true life stories and links of special interest to Canadian grandparents raising grandchildren. However, there is something for everybody, whether adult or ...

Fantasy-related; dragons, unicorns, pegasi, gryphons, etc. Stories, poems, picture galleries, the works.

MoonLit Kisses & Waterfall Serenades
Take a journey through life, love, happiness, sorrow, quips, quirks, humor, and a survivor story.{;}{;}Take a journey through MoonLit Kisses & Waterfall Serenades

MysticViews/Angelic Whispers
MysticViews is an Angelic Site, filled with many wonderful angelic portraits that I have had the honor of creating for people, I now call "Friends"..it is a mystic site, filled with inspicommunity poetry, ...

Dream Mistress Graphics
This Page offers, Triple and Quaduple border backgrounds and much more. Come in and take a peek.

Gentle Touch's Web
Gentle Touch's Web is for all survivors of all forms of abuse, including hate crime survivors. We show no bias nor will we tolerate it. Do something to help stop the abuse and help stop the hatred and ...

Grisel's World
Home page of Grisel Gonzalez featucommunity world travels to Egypt, Greece, Britain, Malta, and many other destinations as well as other passions such as beach volleyball, fabulous friends and wonderful ...

Welcome To Nina Stephanie
Hopefully to brighten someone's day.{;}There is so much hate and sadness in the world, {;}but I would like to use my voice on the Net {;}to spread PEACE and FRIENDSHIP among everyone I meet.{;}

The Beauty Within
Just a site about me and my life :)

Laura's Books - A Crafts Book Store
Laura's Books sells mostly cross-stitch, knitting, quilting, needlepoint, embroidery, and crochet books, leaflets, and kits. Books are new, used, or vintage. Secure ordecommunity. PayPal accepted.

Moonkitty's World
Poems I've written and hopefully graphics I'm learning to create

Tina M's Homepage
A personal homepage with artwork, pictures, graphic-design, free-frame-service, win my awards, photos, links and more

Moonkitty's World
Poems I've written and hopefully graphics I'm learning to create

Butterfly Dreamer
Dreams, Fantasy, Butterfly, fairies,Native Americans art and Wolves{;}other causes and loves!! Globes!!

Stevie's Steel Dog Cafe'
Scripture, collected poetry, music/lyrics, graphics to adopt and more