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This is a memorial site to my son Simon who passed away in 1998 after a two-year battle against cancer, he was just 15.{;}It is a remarkably inspicommunity story of how a young man live his life to the ...

In Memory of Lucas
This is a tribute to Lucas Wayne who was born still on March 23, 1998.

Three Angels in Heaven
This is a tribute to my three angels in Heaven.

Our Little Hunter Angel
This website was created in loving memory of our son Hunter Patrick who passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Including links to informative websites, photos of Hunter and more.

Dedicated to my daughter whose brief life touched so many.

A Treasure In Heaven
This site is a tribute to the short life of our son, Bryan who was born still at 41 weeks due to a cord accident. Our goal is to offer hope, healing and understanding to other grieving parents.

For the Love of Heather
In memory of Heather who passed away at the age of 17 and all about her gift of life in organ donation

A tribute to my son who was burtally murdered at the age of 18 and the lack of justice and victims rights that are in our country

Marys place
this site is for my baby Mary she was still born I was 25 weeks whin I had her I lost heer on 8-23-99 and had her 8-24-99

Ethan's Page
A site dedicated in loving memory of my son, Ethan, who was born asleep June 9, 2001 at almost 34 weeks gestation/

Memorial for my 8 week old son Jeremy

Olivia Katherine's Castle In The Sky
A bitter sweet rememberance of my sweet Olivia Katherine (Livy). This site tells how Livy's love has changed my life forever. Through her short life she brought with her many memories of happiness and ...

In Memory of Claire
In memory of Claire who we lost just before her first birthday due to SIDS

Into The Arms Of Angels
A memorial site for my beloved daughter Morgan Elizabeth who was born into heaven before she was born to my arms. The site contains many support links and also Memorial pages where you may add your loved ...

In Memory of Cheyenne
I built this site as a memorial to my good friends linda's little girl Cheyenne Rose. Cheyenne died as a because of a common houshold hazard...MINI BLINDS

Faith Evalyn Rose
In memory of our sweet angel Faith. Having her for only 48 short days was a blessing.

SANDS Tasmania
SANDS Tasmania is a support group that offers, visits in hospital, phone contact, lots of information, and meetings

My Three Angels
Due to pcos I lost my triplets at 6 weeks. I made this page to remember to children I will never know.

In Loving Memory of My Daughter
And God Said..Posted on the wall at the{;}Oklahoma City bombing site{;}by K. C. and Myke Kuzmic{;}Stockton, CA{;}

Welcome to Brittany & Jessica's Cloud
A site dedicated to my little angels

In Loving memory: Aaron James
Dedicated to my stillborn son

Baby Memorial
A special place dedicated to our lost babies...everyone is welcomed to add their story on the site.

In Memory of Skye
Skye was only here for 16 days but will be remembered for a lifetime.

Our Little Princess
A memorial site dedicated to our daughter Ashleigh who was only with us for 16 days then unexpectedly passed away due to CHD.

RainbowPixels- Melissa's Pages
These pages are of my little Angel 'Melissa'. On her pages are pictures, poems and memories. My beautiful daughter left for heaven in 1976. I miss you so my darling!

~Angel Abigail~
This site was created for my precious angel~Abigail~ whom passed away in my arms only 1 hour and 19minutes after her birth. ~You will forever remain in my heart sweet angel~

Our Daughter, Our Angel, Dionna Rose
This site was created in memory of our forever angel baby, Dionna Rose. Became an angel on 12/27/2002-born on 12/28/2002. She will always be loved and is sadly missed. She is our daughter-our angel ...

For the Love of Branden
A site dedicated to the memory of our son and brother, Branden Lee, who was stillborn on July 9, 1996.

Patricia Grace
memorial for my daughter, Patricia Grace, born Oct. 23, 2003 at 1lb 3oz

Our Angel Kevin
{;} This site was created for my precious infant son ~Kevin~ Who passed after in my womb at 22 and a half weeks gestation. Please visit his site to help keep his precious memory alive! {;}

A moment in the womb; forever in my heart!
This site is dedicated to the memory of my angel babies. Daniel Ira and Kathryn Ann. A moment in the womb; forever in my heart exist as a place of refuge for me, but mostly as an source of encouragement ...

Tribute to Alexis and Dakota
A memorial to my heavenly babies. This site is also linked to my family site.

Baby Alden
This site is dedicated to my little boy Alden who was born into the arms of the Angels' January 31, 2003.

In Daniel Zachary's Memory
This site was created so that others could meet my son and keep his memory alive. Also, I hope that it will help other mothers cope with their loss and realize that they aren't alone.

In Daniel Zachary's Memory
This site was created so that others could meet my son and keep his memory alive. Also, I hope that it will help other mothers cope with their loss and realize that they aren't alone.

Angel Alex's Memorial Website
This is the memorial website for my son Alex, who was stillborn at full term on March 1, 1995

Remembecommunity Our Sweet Little Man Forever and Always
A memorial website for my son who died when he was 12 days old.

The Great Battle Against SIDS
A place to remember my daughter, Chassidy, who passed away in March 2001. SIDS Awareness pins, the living memorial, and many other SIDS awareness sections!

In Memory of Brian Paul Fink
Memorial to our precious son, Brian Paul, born forever sleeping on March 10. 2005 at 31 weeks gestation.

my lil angel kirstin
A memorial site to my lil angel born to soon into heaven.

Our Heavenly Angel
Memorial to my precious daughter stillborn Feb 2000

Angel Davina!
A site about my little angel Davina!