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This community is for sites dedicated to the loss of an infant whether to SIDS,StillBirth, or other infant death. NO PRO CHOICE sites will be allowed. Other Communitys as long as it its a infant loss site that meets our requirements.

Kaylee's Tiny Footsteps
It's memorial in the honor of my premature baby girl who lived for 58 days

Grace's page
Grace's site includes her story, photos and information on how we have coped since her death

Kaylee's Memorial
Kaylee Ann might of been born too early but she lives forever in our hearts

For Hope
A loving tribute to our angel Hope Christine, who passed away four very short hours after her birth due to anencephaly.

Our Precious Sarah Jean
dedicated to my precious sarah jean

Cassidy's Page
This site is a memorial for my daughter, Cassidy Amber Nixon, who was stillborn on November 5, 1997. She will be in our hearts forever.

My Sweet Angel In Heaven
I never even got the chance to meet or hold my sweet angel but the time I did have with my angel was sweet and precious and will never be forgotten.

In Loving Memory of Cori Jo
This site is dedicated to Cori Jo. Cori Jo is the baby that I lost to miscarriage.

Faith's Loss Support Site
In honor of my own angel Faith...This site was built in the hopes of helping and guiding others through their journey of healing from the loss of a precious baby ducommunity pregnancy and after birth. ...

Our Angel Joseph
In Loving memory of our son Joseph forever in our hearts

Meet My Beloved Daughter
Rachel my only child was in a tragic auto accident. I miss her so much. My life will never be the same. Momma

Our Angel Gabrielle
All about our angel Gabrielle gone too soon

Our Ashleigh
Dedicated to our Ashleigh.

a memorial to my son born to early at 25 wks. He lived for 21 days. He is now my angel in waiting.

In Loving Memory Of All Precious Baby Angels
My site is in Memory of our Angel, Christian. We lost him 5/23/95 but he left us a precious gift, his twin brother, Justin...visit memorial pages, angel paintings, and of course our Story of Christia ...

Ian Christopher Gruber
My site is a memorial dedicated to my son, Ian, who became an angel due to SIDS.

In Loving Memory Of Danielle Cox
In Loving Memory of Danielle Cox, our precious baby who we lost to SIDS in 200 at six days old.

Amanda Marie
In loving memory of my daughter who died due to anencephaly.

Our Angel Baby
A dedication to my daughter who died at {;}at 5 weeks old. She was born at 27 weeks and died from a blood clot that caused brain damange five weeks later. She never got to leave the hospital{;}{;}Born ...

In Loving Memory of my little Angel Jasmine Marie
This site is dedicated to my little angel who was taken at only 18 days into her life.

In Loving Memory of Our Daughter Brianna
The story about my daughter Brianna and how she died from a routine vaccine. Brianna was 4 months old when she died from a DPaT SHOT!!

Mommy's Little Angels
My full term daughter was born still on June 26,1999. She had tied her umbilical cord in a knot.

In Loving Memory of David
A memorial for my son who was stillborn at 24 weeks gestation on August 9, 2000. He died from lack of oxygen from the placenta due to dehydration because I was very sick with Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Remembecommunity Morgan
Dedicated to my sweet Morgan who was stillborn.

Nathaniel's Gift Of love
Dedicated to my angels Nathaniel and Kristen.