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This community is for anyone who showcases their writings on their site. This can be in the form of poetry, short stories, journals, thoughts and anything in between. There is no age limit for this community and it will give you a chance to show off your awesome literary talent.

Ally's Writings
Writings that come from my heart and soul, including poetry, books, songs, and more.

Chloe's Stories
Lots of short stories.

My site is about family, friends, my poetry I wrote..plus I have calling cards, and awards I give...with so much more...

Pat's Place
Hi There .. lots to see at Pat's Place .. poetry .. animals .. family .. Calif Tour .. linkware .. stop by for a visit and say hi

Amanda Lane's Writings
A personal site with humor, links, quotes, stories, communitys, awards and more.

Kryss' Fun Place
Come by my place and learn all about me. A place for my stuff. :)

Romantic and epic poetry with beautiful graphics

Eldonsmom_2000's Poetry
A site with family photos, as well as poetry from my life. Included are some poems by various poets, and some you may know by heart.

Poetry from the Heart
A small collection of my poetry, poetry written by others, and a tribute page for 9/11. Feel free to come in and look around.

My Haven
My Haven on the web where i like to relax and chill out...here you'll find some of my own poems as well as my favourites by various writers

Bow. James Bow
I am a 32 year old aspicommunity writer and web designer living in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada with my wife, Erin. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, railfanning and reading. Over the past decade, I have ...

The Vintage Diarist
A site for the viewing of "Steps," a man's personal, unabridged journal, with recent entries, abundant links, and some submissions back to the 1970's.

Messages of the Heart
On my site you will see my original poetry. I try and write new poetry as often as possible. Please stop by and enjoy your stay.

Nakia's Space
: A Little of everything for the whole family.Games,music,poetry,horoscopes,tarot,ouija,recipes,silly stuff,scary stuffy,romance stuff,kids section,virtual rooms,holidays,card shoppe,stories,win my award,communitys.Constantly ...

Writings From the Heart Community
This is the Writings from the Heart Community where writers from all over the world and all genres congregate to show off their writing talents. There is no age limit to join this community. Only restriction ...

Writings of Lady Kree
My writings are showcased here. Please stop by and take a look and enjoy your journey

Wylde's World
Loads of poetry and short stories, some self-written and some favourite. Also a few pages dedicated to friens and to my beautiful country.

Our site started as a place to share pictures with our family but has grown to include parenting narratives, poetry, and my sister's humorous short stories and poetry as well as my husband's lists of old ...

Two Books of Poetry by DaveWho
"The Rock Who Cried" and "Other Women" are presented as well as a number of additional works -- some previously unpublished. A biography of the auythor is also included.

Angela's Notes
A collection of my original poetry.

Above Rubies
Family site of Poetry, Pondecommunitys & Inspirational, New Zealand Pages, Recipes, My Causes, Graphic Background Sets and much more

Contemporary Life in China in Translation
My name is Sai, I came to America twelve years ago, when I was ten. Read a sample of stories and poems I wrote about my childhood in Beijing, as well as the lives of my parents. Feel free to critici ...

Peter's Page
A self exploration site that deals with who I am. I also have a page dedicated to my writing on this address that houses my poetry and short stories. I always write my poetry based on my experiences.

Poetry from the Heart, by Christina
Inspicommunity selection of poetry written by myself. Also features other poets and guests, inspirational words, seasonal pages and poems and also my new community! Please stop by and relax in my have ...

Elvenqueen Realm
Listen to the stories of an elvenqueen, the poems of a dragon, the adventures of Ylva, ...{;}