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The Muslimahs Speak Up! community is a community of Muslim women who defy stereotypes, speak for themselves, and are not apologizing for Islam. We can and do speak for ourselves and do not need anyone else to tell us what our goals, needs, and desires are. We know our Islamically granted rights, and we know how to speak up against oppression against ourselves and others by any power structure.

Kameelah Writes!
politics. race. religion. class. gender. art. media. pedagogy. PRAXIS. this is a political and personal (because the personal is political) blog from me--a nerdy black muslimah and hijabi with an inclination ...

Sister on a Mission
A Muslimah in the Midwest on a mission to counteract all the "War on Terror" propaganda.

Writeous Sister Speaks
The thoughts, rants, and opinions of a Muslim American woman.

Searching to Find The One
Revert muslimah treading lightly, reacts to events in this world; sometimes standing on the fence inviting opinions, sometimes just shacommunity info, other times expressing personal observations.

Izzy Mo's Blog
Musings on Islam, art, culture, beauty and other random tidbits from a Southern-fried Muslima and Artist

Finding Rest in the Remembrance of Allah
A place for thoughts about life and the world that serve to bcommunity me a reminder in one way or another of my Creator.

Tinge of blue

undercover locs
random musings of muslimahlocs

Just another muslim blogger

My Muslim Mom
Relections and experiences of a Muslim Mom

Words from a Muslimah in Australia.

Labyrinth Walk
A crazy 20something Muslimah sister writer artist student academic.

Opinionated Hijabi
Random opinions of a West Coast hijabi.

Aziza iz Margari
I began this blog with a question: Am I just another angry Black Muslim woman? I felt like the box others tried to place me in was stifling. So one day I began to write. I wrote in order to reclaim my ...

Cwzy Muslima

muslim by choice
insight to thoughts of converted muslim

I am a Muslim revert...making it in the DEEP south, still submitting to Islam....trying to spread the love!

Its all bout me , my life here on the land, away from the sea. . . me princess of the ocean among humans so mean. just check out my blog this is Almas JaLpArI

Muslim by Choice
insight to random thoughts of reverted muslim

blog about all kinds of topics facing muslimahs and all women from "isms" to raising children and everything in between