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We are women with individual personalities, interests, and unique ways of life. We will bind together in times of happiness and times of need. Our differences will bcommunity us together and let nothing separate us. We are mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, nieces, and friends.{;}{;}We will not be judged for who we are or what we look like. We will be strong for our differences.{;}{;}We will walk throughout our lives with our heads held high. We will persue our own interests. Our choices will define us as well as our individuality.{;}{;}Our voices will be heard. We are Women of the World.{;}{;}We, The Founder & Moderators of WotW would like to welcome you to our little family. Below you will find some of our procedures about your membership with us. Please review the information CAREFULLY!!{;}{;}Rules for The Women of the World Web Group{;}{;} *****PLEASE NOTE - ACCEPTANCE OF ONE OF THE RING LOGOS IS MANDATORY. THE GENERIC RINGSURF BANNER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS RING**** See rules for the community here: http://www.wotw.org/rules

From The Heart Of Aradia
Original Prose and poetry shacommunity my experiences, and those of others as we travel our journey of life. Some sad, many happy, all with the true belief that tomorrow will be better

Angelynn's Little Bit Of Heaven
My personal site that includes secions about me, a rurouni kenshin fan page, my journal, my online memberships, and a bb.

Loving An Alcoholic
Our group was created for people who love an alcoholic. Here you will find a place for support and friendship in dealing with the alcoholic in your life. It can be your spouse, significant other, brother, ...

Homepage of satx_latina
personal pics of myself,family,friends, tidbits on Texas, and a memorial to a childhood friend who perished on flight 77 on 9-11

Denises Hideaway
Family, Friends and Dedication page to my mother and much more

Gizzy Girl's Journey
This site is about my life since I made the move from small-town New Zealand to London in 2002. It is a journal of all my adventures and loads of pictures from my travels around the world

I have Paint Shop Pro tutorials in both V7 & V8 that are aimed to be suitable for beginners to advanced users

Fifth House
A personal homepage that goes above and beyond. Has a little bit of everything - original writing including a blog, spirit pages, fan pages, and much more. A good way to waste some serious time.{;}

Graphics By Loyce

In Loving Memory of Tammy Wall
{;}Memorial for my best friend who committed suicide.

Myth's Poetry Boards
{;}Poetry Boards for anyone to post their poetry or just read and comment on others poetry :){;}(interactive Site)


NC's Outer Banks: A National Historical Treasure
This site displays the historical landmarks of North Carolina's Outer Banks through original detailed photography, poetry, and rich historical text. {;}

"My Fight for My Life" LauraChristine's Quit Smoking Site
My struggle to kick the habit. My personal story, my good-bye letter to my nasty habit, my stats, poetry, and plenty of useful links! {;}

Connie Griggs
{;}This site is a deidication to our sister. Our family would like to share the love we had for her to everyone online.

Pages By Peaches
Family site with Memorials to my niece and our beloved pet who passed away.

Join The Inspiration community
A personal site of the people, books and music that inspire me with an invitation to join a community of inspirational sites. Also includes causes, charity and awareness banners, peace/friendship quilts, ...

My Front Porch
My corner of the world.{;}

Stevie's Steel Dog Cafe'
I have pages of scripture, collected poetry, music/lyrics, things that have touched me and much much more. It takes time to get through my whole site! :-){;}

Christine & Family's Homepage
My site is dedicated to victims of domestic abuse and to my wonderful children. It has helpful information for victims in Victoria Australia{;}

Heaven's Blessings
Heaven's Blessings~encompasses My Life as a Young Wife/Mother to Present Day. Including a Memorial Page paying Tribute to My Son, Ryan. He passed away of SIDS on 3-31-1978. There is Poetry, including ...

lady of mystery

Women of the World
This is the home of Women of the World. All the information you need is here!!!

The Realms of GieGie
About me, free web graphics, and much more!!!

Nana's Niche
My site offers support for parenting grabdparents like myself.{;}