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This community is for Women who are a CommunityMistress or who "Own" their own community. If you run your very own community and you are a woman sign up and earn some traffic for your community!

Gentle Touch's Web
Gentle Touch's Web is for all survivors of all forms of abuse, including hate crime survivors. We show no bias nor will we tolerate it. If just one child or one adult survivor can be helped in some small ...

Science Girls Community
a community that bcommunitys together women and girls who have careers in science or engineecommunity, or are students in those faculties.{;}

The personal domain of the owner/administrator of two NetCommunitys: Cat Moms & NJ Bloggers.

JCW Designs
My site offers freeware of background sets in a various to choices. Also I offer web design services...please be sure to visit as I am constantly adding new designs and background sets daily.

Aussie Mum's community
A community for Aussie Mums.

Aussie Women on the Web
A community for Aussie Women.

Lady Dorothea's Celtic Castle
Celtic/Medieval graphics for webpages and email signatures .... also includes Christo/Jewish/Pagan/Wiccan symbols & banners, as well as an Education page with articles on Christianity, Paganism, Wicca, ...

MoonLit Kisses & Waterfall Serenades
Take a journey and Join the PITA community. Or Take a journey and Join the RCA community.{;}Take a journey through love, life, romance, adventure, and fun. Take a stroll through the family gallery to ...

I Love Barbie community
Do you collect Barbies and have a website? If so, join the fun of the I Love Barbie Community! It's easy to join. We have pretty community graphics. No longer the ugly nav bar. No long wait to get into ...

Moms of the Community
A community for webpages created by moms and grandmothers.{;}

Supreme Vampyric Evil
A fan clique and community hybrid for Cradle of Filth fans.

Beautiful Butterfly Community
The Beautiful Butterfly Community is for those sites that have butterfly information, graphics, photographs of butterflys, butterfly adoptions, or you just love butterflys.

AAA/ Against Animal Abuse community!
Have a site that protests Animal Abuse? If you do, we want you to JOIN!

Fae's Place
About me and my family, communitys, poems, sigtags, websets and much more.

Anime Community Of Magic
Have a site with magical anime characters? If you do, please join us!

The Autism Support Netcommunity
The Autism Support Community is a community for sites dedicated to autism. Atleast one page must be dedicated to autism.

Proud To Be A Woman SiteCommunity
This site community is for all the proud women out there, come and join us today!

I Just Love My Computer Sitecommunity
the sitecommunity for computer junkies all over the world! Do you love your computer? Come and join us today.

The Fantasy community!
A community dedicated to fantasy

The Devins Family Homepage
A fun family page all about us, our pets and cool people, places and things. Come on over and visit!

The Love Circle
If you have a site dedicated to someone you love... then please join this community.

Lovely Painted Ladies
This site features one of a kind repainted fashion dolls with a romantic theme. Most dolls are costumed and come with their own original short-short story by artist/writer Bren Yarbrough. Also included ...

Shraddha's Haven on the Web
Welcome to Shraddha's Haven on the Web. This site is totally about me and myself and only me. This is my indulgence, my own spot where i endorse my own self. Do visit to know more about me.

StrawberryJams' KIDS
My site is about missing, hurt, abused children..{;}Helpful links and info for families, and for women.

British Women On-Line
Our site currently offers flag dolls and awards, allows you to meet the members of our group and read some of our poetry that we have dedicated to the U.S.A.