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This is a heart and soul poetry web page or journal more like it, at its beginning stage, as I put thoughts of dreams, heartackes, and hopes yet still too come on the web. I am fifty plus and just married ...

Monica M. Martin
Monica M. Martin writes Historical, Contemporary, Fantasy and Paranormal Erotica/ Erotic Romance. She also writes sensual, erotic, and non-erotic poetry. She has written two #1 bestsellers, had others ...

Jamie Hill
author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense and paranormal novels and short stories

LadyRavens: I am A Dreamer
I am A Dreamer by words and thoughts processing though my mind. All is written within by me. For all to gain knowledge by my words of wisdom.

To Brooke
love,peace,brooke,mimi,janice b,god,faith,hope,charity,love,bible,fun,beauty,music,dream,dreamer,singer,song,strength,charisma,attitude,personality,bravery,humble, forever,blessing,maturity,daughter,granddaughter,thinking,thoughts,bond,advice ...

My Haven
Erotic/romance author, Jude Mason's personal site where she shares some of her writing. You'll find writings on things softly sensual, to D/s and voyeurism or something totally different that may capture ...

CeeCee\'s Dreamscape Gardens
Just my little corner of the Universe where I share my loves and interests.

Eradicating The Heart of Poverty
Poverty can sometimes only be a state of mind, based on our perception and what we value in life. It is also a disheartening reality for many. The Webster dictionary describes poverty as having a chr. ...

Fairy Skyla
An enchanted forest where the fairies love to hide and play.

The Promethean SisterShip
The Promethean SisterShip welcomes women artists and artisans of all varieties. We offer an environment of high-spirited harmony where women can exchange ideas, and share all manner of creative expres ...

Inky Blue Allusions
My website is a place where women and couples can find quality erotic writing including short stories, serial erotica, personalized stories and much, much more. Much of the content is written by myse ...

Angelynn's Little Bit Of Heaven
This is my personal site that includes secions about me, my online groups, a journal, fun and games, and my BB.

The Road Less Traveled
Single, homeschooling (eclectic to unschooling) mom with 2 grade school aged kids. This is a nearly daily blog about our lives and activities.

the goddess within
Goddesses of the web in art, literature and causes.

Linda's Tributes, Quotations and Meditations
A small collection of quality biographies and tributes to forgotten greats. - Inspicommunity quotes and motivational stories.

A variety of web pages and general internet reference resources. And a fun and creative site, exceeding tradition. With games, software, downloads, free stuff, website content, news, and so much more. ...

Jani's World
Take a deep breath, relax, and join me in My World. Get lost for a while.... No rush....{;}

Welcome to the Road
Welcome to the Road takes you on a trip across the USA through photos,art... my sons artwork; (he's a tattoo artist), my husband Dan's drawings and some of my poetry.

A BBS for womyn only

Mandy's Depression Homepage
A personal homepage with information about various forms of mental illness

Rhonda & Doug's Lighthouses
{;}Our site shows some beautiful pictures of North Carolina's wonderful Lighthouses. Also some interesting information pertaining to each one. May the LightHouse "Light" always guide you "out of harms ...

─nglavakten / The Angelwatcher
The Angelwatcher is about guardian angels and about cacommunity for those in need, people as well as animals.{;}

Lola's Intimate Journal
A collection of erotic stories written from the female point of view. Although many of the people involved in the stories are African American, the boundaries of inter-racial relationships between Black ...

Tara S. Nichols
Ever since Tara Nichols was a little girl she has had an affinity for romantic adventures. With crushes on the likes of Tarzan and Hans Solo she grew up looking for the perfect gentleman rogue. When she ...

African Heart
The ramblings of an...er, European-African. The name is Ashley, and I'm a South African with European descent. Despite my roots; I am an African. I was born here, raised here, and have never seen or ...