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My site contains poetry, a dedication page to my husband, the critters in my life, family and friends, military life, and links to my graphics pages. It is a continual work in progress :){;}

My world of poetry, quotations and toasts created as mystery and fantasy. Elsinore4u bcommunitys beauty to the eye and pleasure to the mind. Visit and be enchanted. {;}

My Home Page
This home page, is about me, my family, and the things that I like to do.

Deb's Mystical Place
My personal homepage, with a bio page, Awards and Gifts to give, a family safe, friendly site where all are welcome. I hope you visit, and enjoy your stay.{;}{;}

The Legend of the SilverHawks
The last of the SilverHawks must find the courage and strenght to seek out the Evil that haunts her.{;}

Welcome To Rita`s Personal Multi-Page Web Site
Welcome To Rita`s Multi-Page Web Site contains my personal, husband`s, my cat Shullaylee`s photos, Nina`s sweethearts, bird information, and interesting Internet links.{;}

Joy of Romance
My little romantic home...my travels, my cats, my kids, and my hubby all occupy my site...oh yeah, a bit of me too! Come add your name to my Guestmap!{;}

Cally's Web Page
My web site is a homage to Charlie Chaplin as well as Sci-Fi conventions in the Toronto area.{;}

Chriswyn's Fantasyland
This site is FULL of fanasty art. Page after pages of Fairies, Dragons, Angels and much much more. This page also has about 20 pages full of Cartoon Dolls. So come in and see for yourself. Enjoy!{;}

A dark sort of homepage offecommunity Wicca/Pagan info, moon facts and phases, game page, unicorns and faerys, spells of a good nature. Something for all!!

Beta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.
{;}From the Glorious Diamonds of this shining Feminine Lesbian/Bisexual Greek Letter Organization.....

Above Rubies
Site of Poetry, New Zealand Pages, Recipes, Graphic Backgrounds, My Causes, Cyber Quilts, Adoptions,

LadyJuliet's Midnight Balcony
just a place to relax and enjoy the breeze{;}

The AKG Family Home Page
Our site is a personal home page with cool links, A Family Album, poems, a bookstore, a card shoppe, and much, much, more. We would be honored if you pay us a visit. Thank You and have a wonderful day. ...

Gif's Palace
Free Gifs,some made by me,kidsroom,communitys,guestmap,free for all links,Communitys,Webhulp

Annies Attic
A Victorian Attic filled with poems, memories,inspiration,love,family and other nice things. Truly Family Friendly.{;}

Cecil's Homepage
This is my personal site about myself, my friends and family. Plus great links about my interests! Come join me :)

Your Village
{;}This site contains current research on diseases, esp. AIDS, diabetes, cancer and other conditions. Link up with sites that promote women and global issues and participate in adding information to poetry ...

jo and chris' spot
our site is all about evita and also on disney. we have lots of sections on Lionking, Simbas Pride, Pooh, modern and classical. also there is lot of info on us, 2 female law students form the Netherla ...

~Fairys In Flight~

Twister440's HomePage
About me, Our Drag racing, Poetry Ive writtem Computer art and more.

Lioness Designs
This page contains various web sets, backgrounds and triple backgrounds. Everything is for personal use only :o){;}

Glacier Rose
This site is about me and my family, causes I support and other miscellaneous things.

Key2MyHeart's Homepage
What is the Key2MyHeart? Come here to find it. A site dedicated to my family for their unconditional love and support.

The Realms of GieGie
About GieGie, adopt a faerie, apply for an award, learn the basics of wicca/paganism, some free web graphics, and more!!!

An eclectic site of a feminist grad student writing on viruses in fiction. Includes original poetry, art, and children's writing, photos, search engine and virus joke collections, cv, cams...all sorts ...

Fishing With Deb
Personal site about me....my likes, hobbies, and family

Christy's Place
A little about me, my home and the many people and things I enjoy about life online and off.

The Scratching Post
About me and my passions, i.e., my likes and dislikes, My hobby: Vampires, Dedications, even a Romantic Valentine{;}sister site with all things romantic and recipes too.{;}

cajnmaiden's Little Piece of the Web!
Just a friendly little site about me, my friends and family and a few of the things I love.{;}{;}

Rebel Angel and Little Rebel Angel
WE ARE WOMEN! WE ARE REBELS! WE ARE ANGELS! WE ARE SURVIVORS!! We have walked the edge of life, and made it. We have seen the worst, and are conquecommunity it. We are the rebels of life that break ...

Graphics By Jamie

Corrie's Home On The Web
My site is desighned by me. I have some of my favorite music, poems, authors, communitys, groups and my personal pics{;}

Get A Grip
personal blog about a 50ish woman finishing up seminary and waiting for a call...and living life as it comes.

My home on the web

Sanctuary of Darkness
Halloween/Dark related with some fantasy. Includes wallpapers,music,{;}stories,the Hell House game,gallerys,{;}awards,contests,and more.{;}

Harmony's Enchanted Hearth
A place where Magick is afoot and imagination takes flight on the bardic wings of fantasy!

Marcia's front door
Just a few pages right now, some in dedication to my brother who went through a bone marrow transplant in his fight to win over Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a memorial for our infant daughter, and some holiday ...

This site contains poetry from lifes little experiences. My poetry and short stories range from love, heartache, lost loves, friendship, kindred souls and can tame the erotic side of life. You'll find ...

Amy J Volkers ~Astrological Insights
Astrological Services of Amy J Volkers include confidential consultations for Personal/Business matters by phone/{;}email - 10+ yrs experience. Excellent Astrology Reports: Child Report, Teen Forecast, ...

JadedSilverMist's World
Personal site of a 19 y.o. female living with DID/MPD. Site includes my story, info. on DID/MPD, lyrics, poetry, info. on veganism, book of shadows, etc... come on in!

Dem's Dynasty
Although early in evolution, my site is an expression of myself. My love of family & friends, Country & Holidays and the desire to help others by busting a Hoax or virus alerts.

Heart of a Woman
My personal contribution to the web, my website contains poetry, greeting cards, graphics and more!

Fee Fee Trixybells Homepage
Just a personal site about me with pics of my family firends and inof about what i like etc... and lots of other stuff :)

A little pick into my world... a heaven for a procrastinator, cool links, me favorite songs and jokes, sports and more :)

Beautiful Tigers
Anything and everything to do with tigers.

Patties Garden
Angels/Fairies/Poetry/friends/My Gallery/communitys/links/catlovers quilt/ect/lots more to come!{;}

Inner Sanctum
I am a Deacon and a single mom. This is my website to explain to people what I do, and who I am. It's not too serious of a site,and I laugh at myself alot. {;}

Heavenly Ankh
personal site..who knows what it will evolve into..

Majic and Mystics
site contains random poetry, art, and other all-around fiction by me, plus pages/links to other interests