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Welcome to Women Of Wyrd. This Community includes those who have websites on the This includes the many different spiritual paths of the "Old Ways" or "Elder Ways" including Norse, Druidic, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Native American, and modern Heathens/Pagans having websites that do not promote hate. {;}{;}

Ambrwing's Holt
This is a home page of a student of Magic and Mystery. It is full of mirth, Light and love, and is very educational, as well.{;}

The Crimson Cauldron
Here at the Crimson Cauldron you wil find links to Pagan & Faery websites, also some Pagan Greeting card links, poetry & a drop down menu to my other sites.{;}{;} ...

The Sisterhood of the Flame
We are a group of women in Southeast Texas drawn together to honor Brighid.{;}

Home of Tarot Reader & practicing Witch Morgan Hawke - featucommunity the Vertigo Tarot. How-To Read Tarot, Fun Online Tarot reading links, Magic and Witchcraft online sources. Warning, some Adult content. ...

Betony Bree Runes
Betony Bree offers handmade rune stone sets that include an information packet and a handmade drawstcommunity pouch. Sets are done either on glass stones, polished river stones or hand collected Lake ...

Free Rune Magic
{;}Take control of your life with Teutonic Rune Magic{;}{;}Ever feel your life is out of control? Would you like to live your dreams instead of just fixing what goes wrong. This site will show you how ...