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This community is for members of the internet-based group Women In Gaming, and for web sites that support women and role playing games.

TechnoMom's Place
"Confessions of a Girlfirend Gamer" describes how I was lured into RPGs after partnecommunity with a game designer. I talk about why I enjoy RPGs, gaming as a parent (with children underfoot), and gaming ...

Dove Arrow's Blog About Feminism and Gaming
This is my personal blog. It's primarily a collection of thoughts and essays dealing with issues of feminism in roleplaying games.

Revenge Of The Gamer Chick
Growing collection of essays on gaming from a female perspective, focusing on "gamer chicks" and gender issues. Also, humor, links, and more.

RPG Goddess
A site to celebrate the Gaming Goddess in all of us!

Zephrin's Sanctuary for Lesbian Gamers
A site devoted to lesbian gamers but also women gamers in general. Features reviews of gaming products (both books and computer games), as well as an archive for the writtings/artwork of lesbian gamers, ...

Maid for Adventure
Maid to Adventure is a website celebrating women in roleplaying in general and writer Amanda Dickerson in particular.

Existence Is
A thousand years hence, mankind has reached for the stars, and dominates Galactic Culture.{;}{;}Earth, however, lies in self-imposed xenophobic exile...

City of Meade
The city of Meade was built by adventurers and is populated by gnome and human war refugees. Shop in Commerce Corners, visit Town Hall or enjoy a pint at the Tower Tavern!

The Vixens Guild
The Vixens Guild is a sanctuary from the daily grind of work and societal expectations for mature women. It is a place to have fun and sometimes snark about video gaming and happenings in the SF/F genre ...

Warcraft Women
This is the number #1 spot for all things WoW that we women just love! We have a forum, articles, art, music, videos, recipes, anything you can connect with World of Warcraft!