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A community to unite pagan sites on the web

Grainne's Pagan Resources
Celtic Pagan resources and general Pagan resources ~ Also home of the Witches of the WebCommunity ~ All are welcome here....

Ireland's OWN Myths & Magic
Festival of Samhain; The Festival of Imbolc; The Festival of Beltane; Festival of Mabon; The Festival of Lughnasadh; Brighid, the Sun Goddess; Morrígan, Goddess of Battle; Oghma, the God of Knowledge; ...

The Thistledown Dance
Life from a majik perspective...faeries, lore, spells and more.

Crystal Sands, A Pagan Playground!
Here the New Age meets the Old Ways of Goddess, Magick and Witchcraft! We offer information, articles, poetry, pagan fiction, spells, rituals, and a complete store for all your supplies and gift giving ...

Journey Through the Mists
Come take a journey throug;h the mists to Shining Isle ~ a place of peace and tranquility, a place to recapture innocence and dreams. Blessed be all who enter here, for each one is a traveller on the ...

The UnCoven of the Solitaries
This is a semi-private group for self-described solitaries, their friends and/or significant others, run by Persephone Yavanna the Entwife and based in the New York City greater metropolitan area. The ...

Cheryl's Stuff
A collection of my journeys through Wicca/Paganism

Clan of the Dragon
An introductory site for those new to magic and/or interested in developing a magical relationship with a special Dragon companion. We can't teach you how to work magic *like* a Dragon does, but we can ...

The Wiccan Freedom Project
The Wiccan Freedom Project provides support for Wiccans who are experiencing religious injustice or intolerance. The Project also supports Wiccans who wish to contact those in government who are seeking ...

Siantia Magick
Siantia Magick is an online community for Magickal and psychic discussion for witches, pagans and lightworkers of all kinds. Find psychic exercises, spells, articles and more...Blessed Be!

Musings on life, art, love, and spirituality. Book of Shadows: poetry, chants, and magick for the pure of heart.

Magick Ways
Bcommunity Magic to Your Life. We have Herbal Spell Candles, Ritual BathSalts, Spells, Custom Spells, Spells cast on Your Behalf

Raven's Magick
Dedicated to the Morrigan,Witcraft,Magick,and the Pagan community. Included in this site and circle, is groups,coven infor,forums,chat,networking. A place were Pagans,Witches,Wiccans,Spiritualists,Shammans, ...

The Coven
Welcome to our coven blogsite,Just recently begun for our circle and for sisters who wish to write and share We are daughters of the Goddess,Witches,Priestesses,Mystics, and some poets We share in Magick, ...