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What are your wings like? All community members are welcome to submit work to sci-fi, fantasy, horror art and literature magazine "Cosmic Dimension". All artists and writers are welcome to submit work. http://www.innerzed.com/sites/kosmic/

The World of JadedSilverMist
broken and stained

Her Realm
Glistening, the type that always seems a different color when i turn in the sun, or moon light. Almost like velvet to the touch, if you -can- touch them. They're sacred to me. Please don't stare.

High Voltage
Large, the tips are much longer then the rest, soft to touch, a shimmery black color

Just Jack!
Light or Dark rainbow (depends on my mood), Glitter, slightly pointed. Not feathery. More of a gauzeish type deal....

These Faerylands Forlorned
gossamer winds tattered and torn

the night sky... i am a star spangled raven

My wings are ashen.

Magnesium is Dead
They're made of ostrich featherss and on my arms like Isis

MariŽt's Power Passion Page
MariŽt's Power Passion Page

wide and free

{{you will not even leave a taste}}
yup this is me.

insane reflections
gloomy, midnightblue and soft

An Imp In Faery Garb
little bat wings on an imp

untitled darkness
demonic, black, big bat-like wings

my wings are torn yet still strong. ive lost feathers on the way, but im still here.

Cafe Maru [DOT] net