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Wild Poetry is an interactive online community of poets and writers in all genre's. The Wild Poetry Community is an extension of Wild Poetry Forum. We offer a friendly atmosphere in which to post your own works and the ability to receive and give responses to others . This community is currently open to all web sites that house and encourage creative writing. All pages must carry at least a PG-13 rating to be included.{;}{;}The following types of sites will not be accepted in the Wild Poetry Community: {;}{;}sites containing adult material, {;}sites with links to adult material, {;}sites encouraging illegal activity or racism, {;}sites that support or suggest email spamming, {;}or other sites we deem to be unsuitable for the Wild Poetry Community. {;}

The Nightmaiden Hour
Poems from my soul and others...

Melanie's Poetry Page
A simple collection of poems I've written over the years...

Volta E-Zine
An e-zine that publishes original literary writing of all kinds as well as original artwork.

Tarot Poetry
Original poems inspired by the Tarot. A Tarot tutorial. Keywords for the Major Arcana. Transmission of a living tarot tradition.

Planet Peace And Poetry
Poetry links. Publish your poetry on our site, or in our poetry forum. Poetry contests. Poetry web-communitys.

Idle Thoughts
Idle thoughts, a collection of poetry written by me.

This is a personal journey that I began several years ago. {;}A walk down a new path. {;}

Timeless Treasures
Soulful Expression

Poetry from the Heart
A small collection of my poetry, poetry written by others, and a tribute page for 9/11. Feel free to come in and look around.

Ancient Ways ~Linking Past to Present~
This site is a labyrinth within my mind. Many way gates lead to different dimensions along the way and those include Wolf and wildlife FAQ's, Medieval times and links therein, Flowers and their meanings, ...

Shifting Sands
A collection of poetric works by published author, Brandyn Sand.

Intimate Reflections
This little site of mine has original poems written by me. Come join the tour as I take you on a journey through the sometimes twisted, but all to often painful existance of my life shared through words. ...

Amethyst Journey
An exploration into the human mind and heart through poetry (women-focused). In addition to the owner’s original poetry, the site also includes editorials on current topics of interest to women, book recommendations, ...

Moonstones\' Magical Poetry
A special place for everyone with poetry in their hearts to share it with us and others. Read & submit poetry and find links to other poetry-related websites.

Poets On Fire promotes live poetry, spoken word and performance poetry events across the UK. Updated most days with new and forthcoming poetry events, plus some interviews, news and other poetry-related ...

Eternal Echoes
musings on a journey of life and faith, poetry. prose and other stuff

Evening Poets Free Online Poetry Forum
A new site for all kinds of poetry. As the site grows we will add new categories to suit the needs of our members. Evening Poets only takes 2 minutes to register with and is completely free. We operate ...

Heather's Poetry Site
This site has nearly 80 of my original poems. Subject matter includes but is not limited to: love, romance, relationships, faith, spirituality, nature, social issues, vampires, fantasy, and more.