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A quiet place to share and fellowship.

Keegans home
this site is a collection of my personal experiances and links to other great sites. i update it all the time and look forward to heacommunity from you and shareing what i have learned

delena's craft
This is the Witch half of my site Haven, dedicated to the Goddess and Witchcraft. There are rituals and chants, an online journal, and shrines to The Morrigan and Venus.

Nottingham Pagans' Society
A site mainly for Pagans in the Nottinghamshire area (UK) but everyone is welcome!!

Silver Tree
A placed designed for learning and exploration of ideas, both old and new. Created with Wicca in mind, this site has branched out to cover all forms of spiritualism from Native American to Norse and b ...

Grainne's Celtic Pagan Resources
Celtic Pagan resources and the home of the Witches of the WebCommunity ~ All are welcome here....

A site dedicated to the Witch/Pagan Path.

The Muse
Some tea for you. Feel the warmth as you enter The Muse.

Crossroads Church of Wicca and Pagan Grove
Wicca and pagan information, our church information, forum, book of shadows lots of other stuff.

Spiral and Joker's Love Stories
{;}Come and take a spiritual adventure with 2 soul mates who travel the world and all it has to offer together

Ulysis Quest
site is for open mided ppl , deals with alternative religions.

Lyn's Garden
An amazing online store which offers hundreds of New Age & Metaphysical products from around the world! Product line includes: Candles, Incense, Oils, Herbs, Spell & Ritual kits, Jewelry, Music, Books, ...

A Sylvian, Magickal Place
A mix of various things of interest to me, that I thought might be of interest to you. Site includes my original poetry, dragons, mermaids, midis, Samhain info, chants and lyrics, a comprehensive goddess/god ...

Natyres Pathe
All about wicca, paganism and about Natyre's Carers.{;}"Come explore Natyre's Pathe with me and may we find all that we seek and much, much more..."

Cheryl's Stuff
A collaboration of Wiccan and Pagan information...

Melusine's communitys
This is my home page. I am a solitary witch, fiction writer & online bookseller. Visit my site for interesting information & links to Goddess & Pagan related sites.

JadedDivinitys Pagen Web
A little bit of everything, pagen info and art, fantacy, horror, celtic, medeval, faery art and graphics, chat, communities, message boards, community, music, games, personal info ect...

Purple Swirlz of Insanity
A personal site about me and my beliefs as well as many links to witchy sites.

Northern Pagan's of British Columbia
A newer site offecommunity information about Paganism to the icy north of British Columbia, Canada

Cave of the Word Witch
This site is dedicated to Pagan spirituality expressed through creativity of all kinds, especially writing.

The Ultimate Wiccan Bargain Shop
This is THE PLACE to find bargains on Wiccan/Pagan supplies!

DAughters of Eden
Home of the Daughters of Eden coven. Enter our magical realm for info, images, spells and much more!

Dirce Arwen Minerva - Site Voor Wiccans
site for dutch of belgian wiccans

Crystal Forest
a site devoted to tolerance and teaching that includes information, articles, essays, poetry, and a catalog section as well.

Witchy Woman Wiccan Circle
Witchy Woman Wiccan Circle is for all Wiccans, Witches, and Pagans. There is a BoS, magickal forum, sacred causes and much more for new and advanced alike!

StoryTeller, fiction, web design and more
My site is divided into several realms - the magickal section covers my spiritual journey and includes a BoS, as well as info on paganism, wicca and Shamanism; the fantasy section is devoted to cyber pets ...

My Book of Shadows
Welcome to my main page within my Book of Shadows. These pages continue to grow as I add more rituals, thoughts, and information to my pages! Come visit as I delve into my life as a Wiccan.

Mel's Book of Shadows
A personal Wiccan information page. It contains info. for beginners as well as more experienced Wiccans

A Circle of One
Over the centuries we have removed ourselves from the natural world that our ancestors knew so intimately.We have drifted away from our tribal roots, and the sacred knowledge that was taught by our elders ...

The Witches' Web
A website devoted to Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism. Includes the Wiccan Rede, the Witches' Rune, spells, incantations, rituals, spell tutorials, ritual tutorials, runes, fortune telling, sabbats, tools ...

Pages from the Grimoire of a Solitary Natural Witch. Includes info on: herbs, numerology, witch tools, pentacle and elements. Magick info: gems, runes,moon, colour, fragrant and candle magicks.

This is a newly developed site, but I've made sure there is a lot to offer. Everything from Wiccan and Pagan graphics, to personal information, links, personalized e-mail, shopping, uses for herbs, stones ...

The Witch's World
Merry meet and welcome. This web page is for those who are of Wiccan, pagan or of Withcraft backgroung. We will also teach and mentor the younger people of the world along with those new beginners who ...

SilverFirn's Place
Merry Meet! This is a developing site containing my collections of all things pagan/wiccan. It will be growing fast so please visit often!

MsRhiannon's Enchanted Web
A beautiful personal Wiccan site with lots to see. Most graphics are free for the taking. There are also Desktop Themes, Yahoo Messenger Skins, Midis, ICQ Skins, Spells, Recipes, Awards... the list goes ...

Alaiinna's House of Witchcraft
Alaiinna is a Pagan Witch who displays 2 main areas of her webpages. You choose to either visit her Witchcraft rooms or her Faerie rooms..Or both. Be enchanted by mystical music, beautiful images, poetry, ...

New Generation Witches
A place to meet and learn about witches and magick. Western Australian based. Free workshops and study groups.

Forgotten Clothing
We are Australian-based designers offecommunity both essential as well as original creations to enhance your wardrobe - discount for australian buyers!

Fae's Place
My Family, poems, graphics, adoptions and my Wiccan pages. Pluse much more.

Crystals by Rob
This site is about crystals and gemstones. How to program, cleanse and charge your crystals. An extensive list of gemstones with their healing properties and related chakras. Some stones for sale. Also ...

My site contains much info on Witchcraft. I have been on this path for over 30 years. You will find much info here, and more is always being added. You can chat thru ICQ,and see pics of my cats and dog. ...

Jennica's World
I created this site to help people better understand what Wicca really is, with my BOS and Links section, I hope to help people learn the truth about Wicca and not believe all the stereotypes.

Tarot Reading by Cheyenne Skyeforest
Affordable Personalized Tarot card readings using the Dragon Tarot cards. Full in depth readings sent to you by email for a printable, permanent record for you to refer back to. No more scrambling to ...

Bewitching Ways
We are a free one-stop information resource with more than 500 pages for all Wiccans. We offer info on wicca, tarot, runes, dreams, astrology, spells, rituals, herbs, gemstones, correspondents, pagan humor, ...

Pollychrome's Pantheon
This is the pagan site for Pollychrome {;}(Laura Anne Seabrook), a gallae of Cybele. {;}It details her personal beliefs and {;}spirituality.{;}

Pagans Press
Book publishers. We publish titles on paganism, wicca, magick, occult, spells and more.

Deeva's WICCA Website
A personal, yet informative, website dedicated to the Craft.

aila's Communitys
This is a page of communitys about Wicca. They are mainly Solitary Wiccan sites.

Viva Forever
Behind every shadow is a world few know of. Come join and explore this lost prospect of the Mist...

Crystal Sands, A Pagan Playground!
Here the New Age meets the the Old Ways of Goddess, Magick and Witchcraft!{;}Information, Poetry, Pagan Fiction, Spells, Rituals and Supplies. visa/mastercard