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The WiccaCommunity is a Community for sites which give information or which are about Wicca and/or Pagan related.

Cast A Stone
Cast A Stone offers Engraved Crystals with Reiki Symbols, Archangel & Goddess Watchtowers, Altar Directionals, Strega items and custom Runes, Witch's, Theban Alphabet and Astrology sets on the finest ...

Prophets Parodyne
occult,wicca,pagan,pentagram,pentacle,magick,spells,rituals,gods,goddesses,dedication,book{;}of shadows,herbs,correspondences,insights,Q&A,wiccan protection circle{;}

Witches' Circle
O who will dance the Witches' Dance, within a forest glade? Come join the dance, as 'round we tread, and do not be afraid.{;}

The Ultimate Wiccan Bargain Supply Store
Check my site! This is THE PLACE to find high quality ritual supplies at affordable prices! The economy is suffecommunity - why should your devotion to your faith? *This site is new, please be patient ...

Circle Of Spirit Coven
{;}Online coven, a place to meet and share experiences and knowledge, public chat room,accepting membership, large BOS

All Things Pagan
This site was built with the beginning witch in mind. It contains an on-line Book of Shadows complete with all the general information a beginner will need. Also on the site are pagan graphics, chat ...

Witches Gathecommunity
We are healers and protectors of ancient secrets and natural lore in Sacramento, California. We honor the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and we work with plants, stones, and cosmic energies to ...

Walk in the Light
Welcome to all Pagans! This site looks at magick, setting up your altar with a description of the tools and how to make your own tools, inks, oils, blends as well as colour magick, divination, crystals, ...

Nature's Fellowship of Earth Religion
This site is dediated to all who value religous freedoms. My site is geared to guide and educate those interested in following and/or learning the craft. Our material may be used for personal and eduational ...

pagan/wiccan information,spells,charms,brews,graphics,etc...

Taurusbrisbane - I am a gay lawyer, astrologer, tarot reader and wizard in Brisbane, Australia. Find out more about me and my spiritual path as well as info on astrology, tarot, Egyptian deities and my ...

Pagan Poet
we provide recipes for wiccans along with some history on wiccan cultar and religion

Pagan and Wiccan In their own words
Pagan and Wiccan In their own words is a collaborative Internet project for shacommunity real-life stories of Wiccans and Pagans -- vivid illustrations of our shared humanity. It also includes Pagan ...

Siantia Magick
Siantia Magick os an online community for psychic and Magickal discussion alongside psychic exercises, spells, articles and more...welcome Witch, Pagan and lightworkers of all kinds - Blessed Be!

Musings on life, art, love, and spirituality. Book of Shadows: poetry, chants, and Faery magick for the pure of heart.

Just a little inspiration on your path :o). German and English.