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wicca, pagan, against animal abuse.

Harmony's Enchanted Hearth
Welcome to my home. Won't you{;}please come in and visit with me{;}for a spell? Let this Eclectic Witch{;}enchant your world with flights{;}of fantasy and whispers of whimsy.{;}Ye all be welcome within ...

My site is all about the love for all animals,and more.

Sorceress Jade's
A Wiccan teen's path of self-discovery through the path. Come join the Magick.

Daughters of Daghda
An Irish Witch and her cats, shacommunity my poetry, other writing (well soon), devotion to Brighid, and more, eventually. Building slowly

Tarot Of Timeless Truth
Explore the mystery and truth of the universe with the beautiful images of Tarot of Timeless Truth by Leila Vey. This is an enchanting deck with a distinctive pagan feel. The cards mirror the power and ...

Halos N' Horns
Personal findings and beliefs, shacommunity what i have come to understand and hope to learn, share, and grow, with others.

delena's craft
This is the Witch half of my site Haven, dedicated to the Goddess and Witchcraft. There are rituals and chants, an online journal, and shrines to The Morrigan and Venus.

Just a personal website of a neo-pagan animal lover.

Web Keep for the Animals
My site is now solely for animals (Celtic Pagan and warrior writings on other sites): animal welfare, anti-abuse, Pagan relationships with animals (familiars or otherwise), articles and links. Looking ...

For the Love of Animals
A site dedicated to sending awarness about animals and the welfare they deserve!

MysticColor's Nook
wiccan/pagan, magikal herbal garden, personal

Sacred Horse ---a list for Pagan horsepeople
This is a Yahoo! list for Pagans who worship Equine Deities and/or work with horses. From rituals involving or for horses to training and rescue of horses are on topic. If you love horses or Horse Goddesses, ...

Wicthunknown Coven
A site for pagans , wicca and other occult people to unite

My Own Book Of Shadows
A growing collection of spells, rituals, home remedies and pagan related articles.

King Arthur and the Creed of the Ancient Druids
An investigation into the Old Religion of Britain, supporting its belief in reincarnation. Clues from Welsh mythology, Irish myth and legend, Norse saga and poetry, archaeology, the Eleusinian Mysteries ...