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the tigergladys diary. writing about tigergladys. and the hamsters. always the hamsters. but you can't forget the soybean bacon bits. or the tigers. but mainly about tigergladys.

life in general
This is my life, and everything that goes with it. I'm just an average college girl, well, maybe not average, facing life in the real world.......

Uberhamster Rules!
The rise, the fall,And running around in my little ball.

Kitties Are Cute!
I'm not sure why I write every day...but I do...and I love all kitties!

Stories from the Broom Closet
the online journal of a woman living in the broom closet

Between Sanity and Freedom
Beautiful and Grotesque (and all the rest of that bug stuff)

The Silent Spcommunity Flows
Diary of a Karachiitte