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A Pern Community dedicated to promoting Pern writing clubs and Pern information that are approved and follow the McCaffrey guidelines.

Dawn Haven Weyr
We are an alternate 9th Pass PBEM in which AVIAS was not and never will be found. We are a canon club that is open to new ideas and looking for great writers to share our stories.

Meteor Cove Weyr
It is the end of 11th Interval, in the turn 2891. In Meteor Cove Weyr the majority of dragons and people are no longer male or female, but are instead intersex. Meteor Cove was left to cope on its own, ...

Telgar Weyr 7th Interval
Telgar Weyr is a Pern Fandom club set in the 7th Interval. Pern is divided, Thread will be falling in only 10 Turns, and Telgar's only queenrider has died. The fate of the Telgar bloodlines will rest ...

High Reaches Weyr, Fifth Pass
High Reaches Weyr, Fifth Pass, is a role-playing and writing group based at the end of the first Long Interval on Pern. There are only three existing Weyrs, but their numbers are growing, and an old ...

A Pernese Herbal
Plants of Pern and their uses; The dyes of Pern