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This community celebrates Western civilization and its universal values of individual freedom, political democracy and equal rights for all. All sites containing relevant material, or promoting human rights and democracy throughout the world, are welcome. {;}

Voice From the Commonwealth
Commentary, World Views and Occasional Rants from a small 'l' libertarian in Massachussetts {;}{;}

Family Guardian
Dedicated to protecting American families and individuals from exploitation, persecution, tyranny, socialism, and sin through legal education and empowerment.

A Republican News Source and Forum
This site is a news source and forum for conservatives to discuss their views. It has over 400 conservative links, a photo gallery, and misc. soundbites from rush limbaugh...

Sportsmen's Committee for Political Education
Dedicated to preservation of the Second Amendment and educating gun owners on the importance of being politically active.

American WorldView Dispatch
Commentary by columnist Frederick Meekins and links to headlines around the Internet

A "liberal" view on Canadian and international politics.

Free World Order
Most advanced and practical freedom information available anywhere.

Radical Hippie
radical for peace, liberty, and justice for ALL; links to government sites; conspiracy sites; information sites

Off of the Blue Highways in My Mind
Just a place to keep my poetry as well as those issues of importance to me, including a Native American Holiday, information about the Dine'h who face forced relocation, other Native American links along ...

America is... The Fulcrum of Destiny
Billions await the Biblical Apocalypse, yet the American superpower is never mentioned in the Bible—or the Koran. America is the Islamist Antichrist and must be destroyed, according to the Islamist interpretation ...

Diests, The Laws, Our Constitution, The Destiny of Man
Our Constitutional forefathers were Diests who understood the necessity for freedom and the right to live in a segregated community with like minded people. That we have permitted government to homogenize ...

Freedom is Everybody\'s Responsibility
The purpose of this website is to present our Freedom Documents and other materials that support the teachings of God as well as the teachings of our Founding Fathers, including the Signers of the Declaration ...

Unorthodox Dissident
A blog that breaks with the traditional form of dissent.

It's an Insane World
A humorous yet informative blog that encourages and embraces the traditional value of Free debate. Covers a wide array of controversial topics including abortion, religion, and politics.

Does God Smoke?
Taking a stand against discrimination in the government and the church's support of it.