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The Werecard Community is intended to connect all the Werecards on the web in a similar way to the proven 'Community' style connection so that newbies can see exactly what weres are like, without having to trawl thorugh the thousands (literally thousands) of posts on the were discussion-groups.

Moro's Werecard
I am able to commonly mentally and spiritually shift when I want. Physical is a bit odder, as it only happens when I'm asleep, and I rarely remember it, although I do find my pawprints the day after.

Presteza's Werecard
Shifting Ability: Mental Shift, Therian, Totemist{;}{;}I've always had a strong connection with cats and horses.{;}Recently I found out that my totem was the horse and that I shared a few qualities with ...

Sabersinger's Werecard
I am basically a spiritual wolf who has also experienced mental shifts. :)

Ketra's Werecard
Shifting Ability: Mental. My therianthropy affects my goals by making me want to go out and have an occupation in the wilderness. My first shifts were in my early teens.

Vasien's Werecard
Human Name: Ryan, {;}Were Name: Vasien, {;}Phenotype: Black Timber wolf, {;}Shifting Ability: prefer not to discuss on a public basis, email me for a conversation on shifting

Rogue Wolf's Werecard
Human Name: Nicole. {;}Were Name: Rogue Wolf. {;}Phenotype: Tiger/ Timber Wolf. {;}Shifting Ability: Mental Shift.

Nox Oculis's WereCard
I am almost always in a phantom and mentally shifted state. I have rather wolf like body language and have random wolf like vocalizations at times. I do have dream shifts often and rather intense mental ...

'Whitepaw's Werecard'
I can play chess, eat humans, fly, and in few words I rule the world. Nah seriuosly, this werecard hype has come so far really, like weres are a sort of pokemon (read all them cards!). I'm not so lame ...