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A home for Weiss Kreuz Yaoi sites that is not controlled by Ya-hell. Any sites with images or fic or art or anything showing our fave boys in romantic and/or sexual relationships with each other please submit your site here.

Angels of White
Fan fiction and fan art dedicated to the best assassins of anime...

World of Weiß Kreuz
An austrian WK Page with many Infos, Pics, etc. ^^

Mayfly - a Nagi Shrine
A shrine to the youngest Schwarz member, Naoe Nagi! But has mainly developed into a constantly growing shounen ai/yaoi fanfiction archive! (almost all of them having a LITTLE bit of Nagi in them! - not ...

Dreamwalker's Weiss Kreuz Fanfiction Page
A site which features shotakon fanfiction - mostly centered on Youji/Omi, Crawford/Nagi paicommunitys

Dream Shadows
Shounen ai fanfiction site featucommunity a small collection of Weiss Kreuz fanfiction, along with Gravitation, Slayers, Gundam Wing, and CLAMP Campus Detectives. Submissions encouraged.