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Members of the fabulous West Hollywood stitch & bitch group.

Proof that you can teach an old broad new tricks!

Jen Crochets
My crochet website!

Purly Victorious
This is great. But how do I post the community code? (I'm not as tech savvy as you two lovelies.)

Needs More Gingham
Mostly just random thoughts and some occassional knitting talk

I am SuperCrafty

A Day in the Life of Sachi
Knitting, crochet, sewing (sort of), occasional cute cat or dog pictures and just general mind-spill on keyboard stuff.

all in a day's...
Ramblings, musings and sometimes something witty about my life here in LA (which almost always involves fiber of some kind...)

So That Happened...

Pen and Paper, Yarn and Hook
Literary arts, especially poetry. Visual art. Crochet. Gardening. Gender and Trans Issues. Food. Museums. Politics.poetry

TK's Place
Welcome to my little corner of the universe, where knitting rules, laziness is exercise and cheesecake is the goddess of all food.

Monster Crochet
Currently fighting and losing the battle of a crochet-controlled existence.

Through the Looking Glass

L.A. Lady
My personal knitting and whatever blog!

A Bird's Nest
I write. I knit. I kvetch. I also occasionally do some work, but I try to keep that to a minimum.

L.A. Is My Beat
L.A. is my Beat...From Boyle Heights to the Beach...from Manchester to Mulholland...from the first stitch to the very last!

That is so Queer
Just a queer girl who knits a bit and crochets a lot married to a gay man in a biker gang.

sounds like me
Knitting, crochet, cat and sound stuff, maybe

Frank Notes
Frank rants about knitting and life.

Mutter of Purl
My opinions (and I do have a lot of them) on knitting and sometimes other topics.

random observations of life on the westside.

Viva Scrapper!
Just a Hot rod Make-up Artist who knits like it's going out of style and tries to stay rock and roll in a cornball world.

Mutter Of Purl
My opinions (and I do have a lot of them) on knitting and sometimes other topics.

The real life adventures of girl anthropologist explocommunity the fiber jungle and other material culture