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For the Love of Fae Community was founded by wee fae whose love and respect for all beings should shine through immediately. Fairy, mythical, magikal, fantasy, legend/lore sites are welcome. (Wiccan sites are welcome.) No LIVE JOURNALS or message board submissions please. Your page does not have to be about fairies, but you MUST believe in them *S* No lover of the fae will be turned away as long as you follow the guidelines.

My site is about friendship and fantasy and more.. I hope you will have a good time here.

Dragon Blue's Poetry
A Bardic Tale of Articulate Poetry and Short Stories in a reader/writer friendly community environment

Selkywolf's Den
Enter my den to discover the plight of Brother Wolf and what we all can do to help preserve this magnificient creature. Native American legend/lore, history, links.

Esmeralda's Homepage
A little bit of everything*(~_~)*

DKids Fairy place
It's a great places..

Reader of the mystical tools. Historian of Occulta Mystica,Free classes on all things mystical

─nglavakten / The Angelwatcher
About angels and cacommunity for others and much more.

Faerie Phantasia
Faerie Phantasia is my own little faerie land. Here you can learn all things fae. I have faerie lore, faerie poetry and so much more!

Genisis Enchanted Garden
Anything mystical

Genisis Mystic Zoo
Anything Mystical

Amethyst's Fae Enchantment
My new site is devoted to my recent fascination, I believe!!

Patties Garden

Pixxx's Playhouse
{;}I have pages upon pages of real audio files as well as a page specifically devoted to help victims and survivors of domestic violence and other forms of abuse.

Angela's Mystical Magical World of Fairy's and Friends
fairys, fae, faeries, fairies, fantasy, unicorns, fairy poetry, fairy stories, spirit page, fairys, fantasy, poetry, stories, cards

Angel of Hope's Heavenly Home
Angels,poetry, a site for everyone to enjoy

Home of Wilderness Sprite
Being a Sprite, I wanted to set up a Spritely page, and did. It has what I do, a poem, a game page, and gifts page, my site is brand new, and growing

Lady Love's Home
Home page of Lady Love including community links and other interesting homepage links, free greeting card gallery, poetry, graphics - ever changing :) .

The Sisterhood of the Flame
We are a group of women in Southeast Texas drawn together to honor Brighid.

The Haunted Mount
A personal fantasy-themed web site constantly under construction, eek! Lots of fun things planned, site is updated/edited/expanded daily!

beautiful graphics, fairy poems, fairyland,

Welcome to a world of darkness and light, of honor and deception, of magic and lore ... where thieves plot in shadow, gypsies dance in firelight, rangers vow justice, fae shimmer with mischief, and missionaries ...

Aryar, Eteroth and Thorn's Realm
This site includes a list of helpful links for pagan info, a list of helpful books and info on animal spirits, astral entities, astral projection, auras, book of shadows, candle magic, chakras, elements, ...

~Lady Hawks~
Lady Hawks poetry, emotion, inspirational verses to soothe your soul; eclectic collection of thoughts, feelings, pictures, music and words...a tranquil place to relax.

*~Mists of Magic~*
{;}Journey now into the mists...{;}step beyond the door and explore {;}the Mists of Magic!{;}I am Morriganwolf, welcome to {;}my Realm. No one will be denied {;}entrance...all are welcome.{;}May you walk ...

Fairy Sweet Songs Realm
Enter my Realm where the fae fly free and the unicorn and dragons romp and play. If ye be tired, sit on a shroom and read a fairy tale or visit my fantasy artists. When you leave, you too will say, "I ...